Exercise the next day

My exercise is just my movement. It is not worth mentioning in the eyes of the fitness expert, but I am sweaty.

When I went home on the first day, I didn't want to move. Sleeping this night, I feel that waking up is a very difficult thing, waking up at more than seven in the morning. The thighs pain, Chaquak, see if you can continue to exercise today, the pain is not suitable for continuing. My pain is still not very serious. Today, I feel a lot easier than yesterday. When doing exercises in the dance hall, some coaches went in to rest. When they heard them say the three motivations, they felt that they were still children who were still unaware of life. They did not eat on time, and did not know the existence of boiler plants, motor factories and turbines. On the way home, snowflakes were floating, and the spring breeze frozen ears. When I put on the hats, I felt that I became a 'little bear'. I remembered that the baby and her mother and her mother who taught the beauty in the university that year The "Three Bear", which students jump together, are very good to learn sports and have the habit of maintaining sports.

The effort of this exercise allows me to experience the problem of energy and grow older, but my heart and physical fitness cannot be reduced. I insist on exercise and become myself and breathe according to my own rhythm!

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