Spring Day Blooming Fanghua Movement adds style

The Changting Procuratorate conducted the "May 1st" and "May 4th" Fun Games

In order to enrich the police's amateur life, improve the awareness of the police's team, improve the physical fitness of the police, and boost the police's work passion and confidence, on April 28, the Changting Procuratorate held a "May 1st" and "May 4th" fun sports meeting.

The wonderful instant sports projects have "fishing hooks", "pitching across the net", "bridge crossing the river", "table tennis relay", "air balloon competition". The applause, shouting, and laughter at the scene came one after another, fully demonstrating the police's team collaboration and hard work, inspiring the police officers of the hospital to cherish Shaohua and live up to time. Let's experience the wonderful moment of the scene together! Fishing

Pitching across the net

Qiaqiao crossing the river

Table tennis relay

Although the beautiful time is short, the wonderful story of Changting Procuratorate has never stopped. Let us look forward to it together, to the future, and welcome every day with a full spiritual state.

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