Sports Assistant, DIDOGPS Smart Sports Watch

Recently, I have been growing up to gradually grow. I want to regulate diet and exercise, reduce weight, and have a healthy and good body to better build a force for the motherland.

In order to better record sports data and supervise the movement goals, I started the new Dido's new [GPS Sport Watch-S2 Pro]]

Choosing this sports watch is because it has accurate GPS positioning, has a built -in motion mode, and can also detect the health state of the body in multiple directions. Essence

The packaging is pretty good. I won't say much about the conventional accessories of the charger.

If you use it, please check the instruction manual first, and fully understand how to use it before getting started. This watch is matched with the matching APP. After downloading, the guidance operation of the instructions can be used in ten minutes to master the function operation of the watch, and Xiaobai can easily get started.

This S2 uses a 1.32 -inch high -definition color screen with a resolution of 360x360 pixels and supports full -screen touch operations.

The pictures and photos are naturally clear when displaying.

There are two function keys on the right side of the watch, one is the switch button, which is controlled by long pressing. The other is a function key. It can be switched back and forth between the menu interface and the main watch disk by short pressing, and then combined with the touch screen to select the function with the finger. The operation is simple. After several times, you can handle it.

The strap is made of silicone.

The back of the watch is equipped with a biological tracking optical sensor, which can detect health data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep quality.

Below is a touched charging base for its charging base. The built -in 310mAh lithium battery can keep the battery life at about 10 days.

There are many functional modes of this sports watch, from basic motion detection, health detection, sleep quality detection, etc., to weather status, altitude air pressure detection, music control, and information reminder functions of each APP. It can be said that it is the small avatar of the mobile phone.

There are many sports models in this sports watch. It has nine conventional sports modes: outdoor running, outdoor health, climbing, basketball, football, outdoor cycling, table tennis, badminton, free training.

After selecting a good exercise mode, you can set the movement target settings. There are three dimensions of target parameters to set up, which are time, distance, and calories, respectively. After setting the parameters, you can move with peace of mind. The precise sensor built on the watch will detect the tracking status and physical data in real time. After the goal requirements of the settings, a reminder will be made.

Because there is a precise GPS positioning system, it can also record the sports trajectory.

In addition to the conventional sports mode, it will automatically record the three data of steps, distance and calories in daily use. The right sliding dial can be viewed directly, and it is directly displayed on the bright screen interface directly on most of the dial style.

Its heart rate detection function supports continuous testing. According to personal needs, you can set up automatic detection every 5 minutes. I usually start in aerobic exercise for a long time, and I usually do n’t open daily life.

It also supports blood oxygen saturation detection, using far -infrared pulse wave technology, and the measurement accuracy is very accurate.

It also has an altitude air pressure meter, which can measure the altitude height and air pressure value of the current position. For mountaineering enthusiasts, blood oxygen saturation and altitude are important indicators of personal safety. The two functions of blood oxygen and gas pressure meter are very very very very very very very very very very very very very good. practical.

I personally like its sleep detection function. The detection data in all aspects can be said to be very comprehensive. My recent work and rest adjustment is pretty good. If the quality of sleep is poor, it can also give you some sleep advice to help you adjust and help you help you adjust it. You sleep well.

Through the APP settings, the message reminder function of many software can be turned on, including social software QQ, WeChat, etc. The watch is suitable for Android and iOS dual systems, and the compatibility is very good.

The weather reminder function is also very good. Look at the weather before going out. It is time to bring an umbrella or a coat.

There are a lot of dial styles, there are various styles, and you like any choice, too much, you can't use it!

Some other small functions are also very good, like sedentary reminders are easy to use.

Shaking photos, a person can also take selfies in the middle/vision

Finding the device is also very useful, not afraid of losing the minor problems.

This sports watch is IPX7 waterproof. Swimming is completely covered, and waterproof life is naturally not said.

In general, the Dido S2 Pro is this GPS sports watch:

In terms of exercise, not only does it have a variety of sports mode comprehensive sensing detection, record time, distance, heat, trajectory and other data;

In terms of health, the detection of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and all aspects of sleep quality can be performed all over the weather;

Some other smart watches are also matched, which can meet daily use needs. The overall is very practical, and the experience is great!

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