Adding height is suitable for anaerobic or aerobic exercise

Exercise is an effective way to live a healthy life. Many young people never do exercise, especially after get off work, they don't want to take action. For some children who have grown up, physical exercise, nutritional supplement, early and early sleep are good exercise methods. So, if you want to increase, it is suitable for anaerobic or aerobic exercise? You can take a look at the detailed introduction below.

Increasing suitable anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise

Whether it is a boy or a girl, the height growth before the age of 14 is in the golden stage. Once the optimal time is increased, the height will tend to stabilize, and the intensity of height will become very small. However, some parents want their children to grow up again, so they allow their children to sign up for various sports, such as basketball games, football teams and height adjustments. Highly adjusted suitable for anaerobic or aerobic exercise?

1. Aerobic exercise

In short, people's whole body muscles have participated in a lot of exercise. For example, basketball games and tennis are aerobic exercise, and jumping and jumping under exercise conditions. In fact, the muscles of the whole body are participating in it. The theme activity that promotes systemic muscles is an aerobic exercise. This exercise is more conducive to the growth and development of the human body.

2. Aerobic exercise

They said that people lack inspiration during exercise, such as walking, running, swimming, muscle training, etc. This exercise method is anaerobic exercise. However, qi and blood deficiency and low influence on children's growth and development is relatively weak. For adolescents and children, this sport has a small effect on body muscles and bones, and it is not easy to grow too much.

3. The aerobic exercise should persist in thirty minutes up and down thirty minutes

As we all know, aerobic exercise can easily consume a lot of nutrients in the body and can participate in the body's muscles. This sport is more suitable for burning fat and helping to increase fat. However, aerobic exercise must last for more than 30 minutes, and the pressure resistance of exercise is relatively large, especially the gentle net weight, which is more suitable for a group of young people and children who want to increase weight.

If you want your child to climb the stairs at the right age, we strongly recommend that everyone do aerobic exercise. Because the anaerobic exercise is slow and the exercise is not so strong, it is more suitable for middle -aged and elderly people. However, the bones, muscles and organs of adolescents and children are very young and developed, which is very suitable for some aerobic exercises, such as playing basketball, tennis and jumping.

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