What brand of sports headphones is better, sports headset recommendation

A large part of the motivation I can insist on exercise is from music. Choosing the right movement is a kind of enjoyment, which is more effective than all kinds of soul chicken soup. However, the pain of not choosing the headset became a major stumbling block that hindered me. Fortunately, after experiencing a series of selection, I finally chose the headphones suitable for sports. If you have such confusion with me, I will recommend the headphones that feel suitable for sports to you below.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

The bone conductive headset is transmitted to the inner ear of the skull vibration, that is, the sound waves do not pass the external ears and the middle ear, so this type of headset is particularly suitable in the sports scene. When listening to the song Essence

The material of the memory of the entire fuselage, the material of the titanium titanium, can be restored to the original even if it bends 180 °. The sports group does not have to worry about the drop of drop. Fear of sweat wet.

The function continues the NFC function and the function of the fuselage. The Bluetooth version is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2. The product experience has also ushered in a new upgrade and optimization. The line conditions occur; the sound delay is lower, reducing the sound delay by 83%; the battery life is more durable, which has increased by 67%of the battery life; it has also improved to a certain extent for product stability and call clarity.

2. Sony Wi-C200 sports headset

Recommended reason:

This Sony Wi-C200 sports headset has an ear-hanging design. It can not be worn off during exercise and has strong stability. The elliptical rubber ear ring is designed, the ergonomic design optimization is made, and the comfort is good. After taking the 8.5mm unit, you can also enjoy high -quality music during exercise. The wires are also specially treated with special wave patterns. It is not easy to knot, and it can effectively reduce the noise when touching the wires, which greatly reduces the effect of the stethoscope.

3. Jabra Active75T real wireless active noise reduction Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

Joblang's headset is a real wireless noise reduction headset. Whether it is outdoor or in the gym, it is very suitable. The headset has a super high -level waterproof and sweating, and the waterproof level of the fuselage is used when it is sufficient. In addition, it also has a listening function. After opening, you can listen to the people around you. It is very convenient to hear the sound of the surrounding sound without picking up the headset. With super radio ability, it can also fight against wind noise during passion and keep a clear call.

4. JBL sports headset Flashrock small gold box

Recommended reason:

The joint models of JBL and Boulder Johnson, from the box to the charging warehouse, convenient storage box, to the headset itself, there are this temperamental hard -core cow head image. As a wireless headset for exercise, this headset not only looks good, but also conforms to ergonomic design. We can choose the size that suits them in the three sets of earplugs presented by the manufacturer according to personal needs. Even, like me, you can test the fit of different sizes of earplugs through My JBL Headphones App.

5. Walkman W280NB neck hanging sports headset

Recommended reason:

Walkman W280NB neck -mounted Bluetooth sports headset is a neck -mounted sports headset. The most important thing is that the W280NB neck -mounted Bluetooth sports headset also supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof. Through precise injection technology, it can effectively prevent sweat from entering the headset from the structural gap. Only in this way can I sweat. Even the sudden rain during the night running was not worried about the problem of scrap of the headset into the water. The battery life supports 13 hours, a little longer than the bone conduction.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

The main cost -effective South card Runner CC2 bone bone headset, the design of the Runner CC2 continues the appearance of the previous generation. The overall U -shaped design is comfortable to wear. The entire body uses high -intensity titanium alloy materials. it is good.

The upgraded leak -proof OT2.0 design greatly reduces the leakage problem of the headset, thereby achieving the effect of less vibration and less leakage. Support the call reduction. In a complicated environment, the noise reduction through dual microphone+DSP makes the call sound clearer. Press the call button to connect the call. Although the price is very close to the people, its performance and sound quality are still created by the flagship standard, which is fully created to create a better exercise experience in the use of the population.

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