MOODYTIGER redefine children's sports comfort

On March 2nd, Moodytiger released a new advertising film, advocating that the new generation broke the restraint, put on comfortable wearing, and calmly and freely explore the world, and find love in his heart. The whole film surrounds- "doing what you like is the most comfortable", encouraging every new generation of children to focus on love. Once the advertisement was launched, many parents resonated, and they participated in the topic discussions and spontaneously spread on social media.

MOODYITGER redefine the comfort of children's sports, drives lifestyle with product innovation

Moodytiger was established in 2018. It is a brand focusing on children's sports lifestyles. It provides new-generation new generation children with a 4-14-year-old new generation of fashion sports functional clothing and accessories.

It is reported that the founder of the brand & CEO Zoe, as a sportsman, is also a mother of the three children. He decided to start his own business because he could not find a professional sports clothing that meets the needs of children's sports for a long time and set up MoodyTiger. Each product is designed for children. Based on the characteristics of children's active characteristics, they have a more comfortable experience, providing a sense of science and technology, functionality, and fashion. Break the restraint of exercise and redefine the comfort of children's movement.

The core product of MOODYTIGE is children's Leggings tight pants. As of March 2022, various categories such as pants, jackets, and sweaters have been launched. Essence The combination of functionality and fashion has made it break through the restrictions of a single sports scene, and truly covers multiple occasions for outdoor, sports and daily leisure.

It is loved by celebrities, Olympic families, and weeds.

With its unique brand concept and unique product, Moodytiger has quickly swept the global market, and countless fans. At present, fans have covered hundreds of global countries. Lian stars and Olympic champion families are also loyal users of the brand. Singer Liang Yongqi, actor Cao Xiwen, Gillian, and Zhong Jiaxin all personally exposed the grass on the ins.

The brand has realized the layout of omni -channels at home and abroad, and domestic online channels have entered Tmall Mall. In terms of offline retail, in addition to Hong Kong in China, the first immersive experience store in the Mainland also opened in Shanghai Port Hunglong Plaza on March 15.

Overseas channels are mainly independent of the United States. Users have now covered 105 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, and France.

Delive to environmental protection, infinitely extend the value space of the brand

Moodytiger strives to reflect the environmental protection concept and action in every detail of the brand development. Since 2021, the brand's entire line of products is repaired by FSC environmental protection packaging to protect the earth with a drip action, so that children can be comfortable.

In the future, Moodytiger will adhere to the brand concept of "redefining children's movement comfort", with clothing as a carrier, inspiring and witnessing the new generations of the world, to release natural, free exploration, and focus on their love in sports.

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