Specification: Play Table Tennis

Table tennis is a systemic exercise. The muscles and joint tissues of the whole body can be activated during exercise. Not only can the upper and lower limbs and back muscles develop and strong, the joints are more flexible and stable, but also increase the speed and strength of people. Quality and physical flexibility and coordination make people stronger and energetic.

Table tennis is also an excellent brain movement. During exercise, the brain should think and analyze and synthesize the information from the eyes and ears in a short time, and mobilize the sensory organs of vision and hearing to work quickly. Therefore, long -term practice can greatly improve the speed and comprehensive coordination ability of the nervous system.

Frequent table tennis can greatly enhance the function of the human body and respiratory system, make the myocardium developed and powerful, increase the heart capacity, and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls. These changes are very beneficial to middle -aged and elderly people, which can reduce the adverse effects of cardiovascular disease on the body. At the same time, the respiratory muscles are exercised, which can increase lung capacity and improve respiratory function.

Ping table tennis can regulate people's emotions, make people feel happy, and can also exercise and cultivate people's wit and hard work.

Ping table tennis is a confrontation between intervals, which is more safe than sports projects with physical contact. Therefore, it is not only suitable for young people, but also suitable for middle -aged and elderly enthusiasts who like fitness.

During the table tennis, the wrist, elbow, shoulders, and waist are stronger, which often easily causes excessive traction of the wrist joint tendon and the muscle sheathitis around the shoulder joints. Others such as the knee joint and waist will cause damage due to improper exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to step by step, and the amount of exercise is from small to large, and you must master the correct method of playing. You can use various guards such as wrist care and knee pads during exercise.

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