Which noise reduction sports headset is better?Recommendation

As a music lover, I have been exposed to many Bluetooth headsets of different prices and quality. At present, although there are many Bluetooth headsets on the market, the quality is uneven. It's not ideal, even if it is a high -quality headset field, it is also mixed with fish and dragons. Well, ok, wipe

1. NANK South Card A2 noise reduction headset

In addition to the depth of noise reduction of the South Card A2 A2 active Bluetooth headset, it also has the function of calling and noise reduction. The design of the double Mike can be more accurate to collect human voices. In addition Let the other party clear their own voice. The weight comfort of its single ear 4.1g is reputable in the industry. In terms of sound quality, the South Carolina A2 is still in the test stage. It has established a high -standard acoustic laboratory. The tunnel lasted for two years. For different music styles, millions of tuning, the details of the details were more in place. When audition surrounded music, I felt like an immersive. The songs can be presented well.

2. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Big Shark Bluetooth headset

BOSE Great Shark is a headset with an active noise reduction function. The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, but does not support LDAC and APTX. In daily commuting scenarios, such as a bus/subway carriage or a large commercial super, it can separate most of the environmental sounds. And most of the vocals; if it is in an office or a relatively quiet environment, it will give you a "isolated" experience. However, the noise reduction headset cannot be completely eliminated for some mechanical keyboard knocking sounds, or the sharp sound of children, and this one is no exception.

3. OPPO ENCO X Bluetooth headset

Although OPPO Enco X is a headset listed at the end of last year, it is still put in this year's recommendation product. OPPO ENCO X was created by Dynaudio, a Nordic High -fidelity Audio brand, and the headsets are designed with common coaxial dual units in the speakers, which greatly improves high -frequency extension and low -frequency dive. The hearing is impressive. In terms of noise reduction, support dual active noise reduction, three microphone calls for noise reduction, whether listening to music or calling is clear. In terms of calling, OPPO Enco X supports Sanmai calls for noise reduction. Whether you can call each other and his own voice clearly in the subway or outdoor noisy environment.

Fourth, Xiaomi Air 2 Pro Bluetooth headset

The appearance of the Xiaomi Air2 Pro headset and the charging box is very Xiaomi style. The surface matte texture. The touch area uses piano paint bright surface, cobblestone shape, and the design is very simple. As for the wearing experience, it is comfortable, it is not easy to drop, and the foreign body sensation in the ears is not strong. The battery life of the Bluetooth headset cannot be ignored. The actual measurement is "80%mobile phone volume+turn off ANC active noise reduction+SBC Bluetooth encoding". The box can also be charged wirelessly.

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