Sports Injury?Drown?Love sports is even more exercise!

Today March 28th

It is the 27th National Elementary and Middle School Student Safety Education Day

my country has been determined since 1996

Monday on Monday, March each year

Safety Education Day for the National Primary and Middle School Students

The purpose is

Comprehensively promote the safety education of primary and secondary school students

Vigorously reduce the incidence of various types of casualties

Do a good job of safety protection for primary and secondary school students

Promote the healthy growth of students


Exercise injury and drowning are current

The main safety hazards faced by students

Xiao Bian here reminds the classmates

At the same time in love

More to understand the scientific movement!

There are many factors that cause exercise damage

The most common is the lack of preparation activities

Just prepare for two times and start strenuous exercise

Easy to appear panic, chest tightness

Difficulties in breathing, motion imbalance and other phenomena

No full preparation activities

It will lead to insufficient blood supply to the muscles

Exercise in this physical condition

Not only is it stiff and uncoordinated

It is also very easy to cause damage such as ligament strain

Tens of millions of sports

Health and Safety Articles

"Sports Trilogy"

Help you reduce exercise damage

1. Do various inspections before exercise

Pay attention to changes in physical conditions at all times

If your body is not suitable, you must not exercise

The necessary health measures should be taken in time

Comprehensive inspection of sports equipment and venues

Ensure that the site is flat and the facilities are firm and reliable

2. Do it when exercising

The exercise intensity should be based on physical fitness

Step by step, from easy to difficult

Choose the load that is most conducive to enhance physical fitness

Excessive strength is damaged

3. Fully recover after exercise

Don't drink water immediately after exercise

Don't drink cold water!

Drink temperature water in a few times

In addition, stretch and relax after exercise

Can make the human body faster and better

Transition from tension to a quiet state

If you stop exercising suddenly

It is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the brain

Passion and fainting and other adverse reactions

In addition to exercise damage

Drowning is also a major hidden safety hazard facing primary and secondary school students

According to incomplete statistics from the National Health and Health Commission and the Ministry of Public Security

57,000 people die every year in my country to drowning

Children's drowning deaths account for 56% of the total

Drowning is the "number one killer" that the primary and secondary school students died unexpectedly

The editor sorted out a few drowning self -rescue and his knowledge

Hurry up and write down the small book

When you see someone drowning

Immediately report to the police and take emergency measures

During rescue

Throw it to the drowning person and drag it to the shore

When you feel any uncomfortable

Should call for help loudly and take the standing position

Towards the top of the head direction above the mouth

Work hard to make the mouth and nose expose the surface

Can wait for the rescue to surface

You can also hold your breath and try not to inhale to avoid water

Never raise your hand or struggle

Because your hands are raised by your hand to sink

Children are the future and hope of family and society

Sports is an important lesson on the road of children's life

Hope every child can be

In the exercise of healthy, scientific and safe exercise

growing up healthily

Reporter: Li Dian

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