Do not give up with motor neuron disease

Sports neuron disease is a rare disease, also known as: muscle atrophy side sclerosis. It is a series of chronic undergoing nervous system transgender diseases that have changed the motion neuron to highlight. At present, the cause of the onset is not clear. Patients show muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, difficulty swallowing, and speech disorders, etc., usually without any abnormalities. Most of the diseases are in the middle-aged and elderly people. They are 40-70 years old and are mostly 2 to 6 years. Most of the prognosis is mostly poor. It is often died of respiratory muscle paralysis or lung infection due to respiratory muscle suffering.

Sports neuron disease is not as terrible as you think! Intersection Intersection

In traditional Chinese medicine, motor neuron disease belongs to the category of "withered disease". The disease is mainly deficiency, but it is deeper than other diseases and diseases. The disease is heavier. The internal organs are gradually disappearing, so it is called: "deficiency" Chinese medicine clinical is divided into several types of different causes: 1. Spleen and stomach weakness 2. Spleen and kidney deficiency, most common

3. Liver and kidney deficiency 4. Wet and humid internal container 5. Due to the poor diet, or wetlands for a long time, or excessive thoughts, the spleen and stomach are injured. During the abnormality of transportation, the subtle can not be transported, the muscles are lost, and the onset of the disease.

Cure misunderstanding

Many patients have taken a lot of western medicines in the early stage. There is no good effect whether it is nutritional nerves or drugs that suppress glutamic acid. At the same time, a series of irreversible side effects also appear.

There are also some patients who know the harm of western medicine and do not need drug treatment. It is simply relying on massage, massage, and acupuncture to treat. In fact, it is not effective to simply rely on this physical therapy to treat. After a long time, it will delay the treatment of the condition (motor neurons are the category of incurable diseases, and will continue to develop over time).

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