What style of headset is suitable for exercise?Bone conduction sports headset

Most friends who exercise will have the habit of wearing headphones, because listening to music during exercise will add a few motivation to exercise; but in fact, traditional sports headphones have been worn for a long time, which can easily make the ears uncomfortable and outdoors outdoors outdoors. During exercise, if you can't hear the external environment, it is easy to cause hidden safety hazards. Therefore, bone conduction Bluetooth headsets with many advantages such as safety and hygiene have become more popular products for most sports enthusiasts. And as a senior bone -passing headset enthusiast, I will carefully recommend some bone -leaving headphones for everyone today to avoid everyone on the pit.

1. South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Chuan Headphones

Speaking of bone conduction headphones, many people will reflect the IQ tax first! But what I want to say is NANK South Card. This is a real bone conduction headset! With the core technology of Bone Zhenzi, it has also passed the effective certification of Dr. Lilac.

In order to take care of the sports group, the South Card Runner Pro3 must have higher requirements in terms of details than ordinary headphones. In terms of appearance design, 97 engineers in Nanka, after 197 days and night analysis and innovation, so that this headset can be more suitable for the wearing habits of our people. The material uses high -tech low -sensitivity silicon glue materials The skin is also very comfortable and there is no sweltering feeling.

South Card Runner PRO3 is the first to be equipped with AF full -shock -oriented vibrations in acoustics, which improves the problem of low sound quality loss caused by low sound transmission efficiency of traditional bone -passing headsets. The configuration of South Card Runner PRO3 can be said to be full. It supports NFC fast pairing and one -drag function, which can realize the rapid connection and switching of multiple devices. Bluetooth 5.2 chips optimize the battery life of the transmission power up to 10 hours.

Second, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro bone bone headset

Shaoyin OpenRun Pro headphones have a large advantage in comfort. When designing, it combines ergonomic engineering as the foundation of industrial design. It is wrapped through light and flexible titanium alloy and skin silicon glue material to balance The weight distribution and wearing of the headset make consumers more comfortable to wear. It supports IP55 waterproof standards, two -layer mesh structure, and double nano -hydrophobic plating layer, which blocks water invasion and isolation of water penetration. Consumers' waterproof splash and splashing in daily life, such as sweat or rain, dust, dust, etc. Nothing can affect the normal use of this headset, and it can also achieve 10 hours of long battery life and 10 -day super long standby

3. Philips A6606 Bone Chuan Headphones

Philips A6606 is made of silicone in the external A6606. It feels smooth and more stable to wear. The ear hanging is made of aviation titanium alloy. There is no problem with repeated bending. The headset is lighter as a whole. At the same time, the headset also supports the headset to support the dustproof and waterproof of IP67. It is enough to sweat or rain directly with water. The unique large LED night lamp, press the hidden power button to switch the night line light flash, slow flash and light. At the same time, it is also equipped with the transmission of Bluetooth 5.2, which has low power consumption and longer use.

Fourth, Hifiman GR8 bone biography guide Bluetooth headset

Hifiman bone biography, the Bluetooth headset GR8, is directly used to use the titanium alloy skeleton directly. Even if we distort it at will, the headset structure can be restored instantly when we uninstall the force. The wearing experience is basically the same.

It is inevitable that the impact of sweat or rain in the use scenario of severe exercise may be inevitable. However, the manufacturer has given this headset IPX4 waterproof ability. Some sweats and rain we encountered in our daily use environment are basically not much problems. This can also be regarded as a certain extent expanded its applicable scenarios. Although the sound quality is general, it is already good in this price, it is worth choosing in the entry model.

Fifth, South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

The skeleton of the Runner CC2 is made of aviation level. It is very comfortable to wear. It is only 28 grams. It can hardly feel the existence of the headset, and it is also very refreshing on the skin. In terms of connection, this headset is equipped with a 5.0 Bluetooth chip, which has a rapid connection and low delay. This headset uses OT closed leak -proof techniques to sweep the bone -conducting headphones with severe common problems. Large -sized pronunciation units make the sound quality higher. The waterproof performance is strong, reaching the level of IPX6.

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