What exercise is suitable for early Parkinson?

1. Low -intensity aerobic exercise This kind of exercise is generally suitable for patients with early Parkinson, because the symptoms of patients in the early days will not be too severe, and it also supports patients to perform some low -intensity aerobic exercise. Generally, you can choose to jog or bicycle to come to the bicycle. Exercise, if you are older patients, you can choose to go fast. The effects of these aerobic exercise are different, but they need to be adjusted in the exercise time. However, these aerobic exercises need to pay attention to the patient's heart rate at any time, otherwise the exercise intensity is slightly greater, which may cause the heart rate to accelerate. 2. Patients of Parkinson in low loading Parkinson will generally be difficult to maintain their body balance in the middle. If the strength is relatively strong, it will easily fall. At this time, it is best for patients to perform exercise methods such as walking or yoga. If the balance ability is very poor, you can also perform a balanced ability. 3. Patients in the late Parkinson on the bed generally bed for a long time. At this time, it is difficult to exercise. Such patients need to exercise on the bed to avoid having bedsores. In addition to daily turning, patients can stretch limbs. If Those who have conditions can also walk down for a while.

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