Can women exercise during the physiological period?Try not to do these exercises!

Do not lose weight in March, in June, sadness

Seeing that wearing a small skirt is coming again

The plan for sisters to lose weight has already been put on the agenda

Therefore, even the physiological period is maintaining exercise

But there are still many sisters who are worried about

Can I exercise to lose weight during the physiological period?

Will the menstrual running cause blood collapse?

1. Can I exercise during the physiological period?

The answer is okay, but there are two premise: it does not hurt and the amount is normal. The muscle strength of women in the physiological period will deteriorate, the resistance decreases, and there is no motion in the spirit. If you have a very bad abdominal pain, you can not move in the bed. Be a beautiful girl.

If it is not painful and the amount is normal, it can be performed appropriately. Proper exercise can promote blood circulation and help meridian discharge. However, people are usually a little lazy during the menstrual period. It is recommended that the exercise time can be shortened, and the intensity can be lowered.

Second, these kinds of exercise is not recommended to do menstruation during menstruation

1. Run

Some people have the habit of long -term adherence to running, so once they are used to their achievements, they dare not "vacated" easily, and they are worried that they will affect their determination to persist. However, it is worth noting that women are best not to run fast during physiology, and can slow down the speed or soothing exercise such as yoga. Too severe exercise may lead to dysmenorrhea, plus menstrual blood.

2. Abdominal pressure exercise

Having a good waist is the wish of many girls, because the waistline is good or not, it will directly affect the dressing effect. Although the waist is important, the uterus is more important for women's health. Many women do some abdominal pressure exercises during the physiological period, such as rolling abdomen, flat support, etc. In fact, this approach cannot be adopted, because these exercises may cause uterine injury and dysmenorrhea.

3. Swimming

In the summer, many women like to swim by the beach or swimming pool, but it is recommended that friends in the physiological period try not to touch the water. Because if you encounter water during a physiological period, it is easy to cause bacterial infections, which will induce various inflammation. In addition, it is best not to touch cold water during women's physiological period, otherwise the physique may become weak. For women who often dysmenorrhea, they should also eat more warm food.

4. Riding sport

Cross -span exercise can exercise most muscles in the body, and it also has a good exercise effect on cardiopulmonary function. However, women in the physiological period are not suitable for cyclical exercise, because the continuous stretching of the crotch can easily lead to vulva or uterine injuries and affect women's health. Therefore, women in the physiological period must not do it.

All in all, women in the physiological period do not do these types of strenuous exercise as much as possible, which may affect women's health. However, the physiological period can also exercise appropriately, such as doing some more soothing yoga movements, stretching, etc. are a very good choice.

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