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Creative Movement Micro Video Challenge Competition

Already ended

Those who get the last issue of "this week" is

Jiang Xinlei, a Shao Sports in Minhang District

Practicing the "Eyes" God

let us see

How did shooters train at home

The small body received a lot this week

Creative contribution

DIY sandbags with masks, soybeans

Four home fitness methods are waiting for you

There are many fitness tricks at home

Carton, chair, clothes

I can exercise all things in my family!

Power -reverse balls, rebounding and hitting the ball, playing ball balls ...

Small table tennis gameplay diverse

You can also practice with your parents

Use exercise to enhance resistance and use exercise to rejuvenate new vitality. Since the launch of March 23 on March 23 by the Shanghai Sports Propaganda Education Center, the Shanghai Youth Training Management Center, and the thoughtfulness of Shanghai to Shanghai, it has been welcomed by many parents and adolescents since its launch on March 23.

The event was released on the "Shanghai Sports" all -media platform and the Shanghai APP. During the event, the relevant articles received 35W+readings, and received more than 350 short video short videos of various young people. It further demonstrates the results of youth sports training and shows the creative and healthy side of contemporary young people.

In addition, through the "This Week Star" selection and high -quality video display every Monday, the correct method of scientific fitness at home to young people has brought new inspiration and new experience to their home fitness, and more young people insist on exercise. Passing a positive attitude to life through exercise, scientific movement against the epidemic.

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