Spring exercise should not be high intensity

Spring blooming and the recovery of all things have caused many people to have the idea of ​​exercise. However, the spring movement is particular, especially paying attention to prevent exercise damage. Relevant experts said that patients with spring exercise will be slightly higher than other seasons, because they are "thawed" because they are "seal" for a winter body, and some people choose to move suddenly, which can easily cause exercise damage.

Experts said that for those who do not exercise for a long time, they should fully prepare for activities before exercise to fully pull the shortening muscles and ligaments. At the same time, you must master the amount of exercise, choose a sports that suits you, gradually adapt from a small amount, so that the body organs that are still "hibernation" gradually wake up.

Especially when climbing the mountain, pay attention to the knee pad. Wang Jing said that the knee joint itself is not very good, try not to choose a mountain climbing. Although the mountain climbing is strong, it is different from person to person. It is not recommended that middle -aged and elderly people, especially those with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, often climb the mountain.

"This is because compared with flat ground, the human body's pressure on the knee joint during climbing increases four to five times. The friction stress of joint cartilage and half -moon plate increases, which can easily cause joint injury. "Experts suggest that try to choose flat movements, such as walking, jogging, etc.

In addition, as far as the shoulder joint is dislocated, Wang Jing said that according to incomplete statistics, the traumatic shoulder joints are mostly from 14 to 34 years old. The age is less than 20 years old, and the recurrence of shoulder joint dislocation is as high as 90%. When you are in a specific position, you will induce dislocation, such as "shooting", "deduction" and "serving" and other actions. Other occurring in the bus, the hand pull rod is helpful to stand. Causes dislocation.

"When the shoulder joint is dislocated for the first time, it is not considered. Even after recovery, you should try to avoid high -intensity and the same actions to avoid recurrence." Experts emphasized.

Qiao Yeqiong (taken from People's Daily Online)

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