Is motor neuron disease inheritance?

Is motor neuronia's inheritance? Sports neuron disease often develops in the brain. It is one of the brain motor neuroplasma atrophy. Most of them are more likely to get sick after middle age. The reason is likely to have a certain relationship with abnormal immune function, virus infection or genetic factors. Because this disease will cause great harm to patients, we must go to the hospital for treatment early. The following is a detailed introduction of the doctor's introduction. Essence

Some patients can find the relationship with inheritance, but most of them are unique. Although they are currently believed to be a problem with the glutinine with nerve cells, it is stacked between motor nerve elements and generates the occurrence. Toxicity is related to atrophy, but the real reason is still unknown.

The outside world often misunderstands motor neuron disease, thinking that it is a sporty disease. In fact, motor neuron disease is a kind of motor spinal cord atrophy in the brain, causing gradual limb muscle atrophy. Early symptoms can be divided into two types: one is muscle atrophy of the limbs, and the other is swallowing muscle atrophy. At the beginning, such patients had no effort to engage in simple movements such as taking things and flouring. Slowly, the muscles gradually shrinking, and then swallowing muscles and breathing muscles. Finally, the respirator must be used. Although the patients with sports sleeves are like plants, their limbs cannot be moved at all, but the difference is that the patient's mind is very sober. When a person's brain is very sober, his limbs cannot move, and the pain in his heart can be imagined.

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