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Put the time to the 1980s, sports sedan, sports car bird contend, walking in the times the first end of the times does not cover up the embarrassment and desire to the sports car. Under such a background, Honda responded to their desire, putting high-order performance, advanced equipment, pioneering style to launch the Integra model, Integra model, with excellent sports performance, leading the sports car trend, and became Honda fans The performance "DREAM CAR" in the fans, defines the most extreme motion pursuit of Honda.



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Today, this Open Sports Belief is always one today. The new intermediate sports car model INTEGRA has passed the essence of Integra brand, with the name of "model", bringing the integration of modern aunt technology to pass the very attractive Honda performance technology and blood sports beliefs to more young people. .

Type INTEGRA is the most illuminated, hot yellow, Jumei Blue two unique body colors, fully highlighting the cool image of young people. The front of the body is pushing down, and the intention of the moving atmosphere is intensive. Equipped with a full-LED headlights that make long sharpness, eyebrows, sharp edges; the side lines of the body are smooth and smooth, and have the visual impact of the coupe low grad.

On the motorized version of the model, headlights, wheels, rear view mirrors and door handles, etc., and equipped with exclusive design such as short-black sports, highlighting strong motion performance, 18-inch cutting hub joins It is a full-deputy armed, deepening the profile characteristics of the speed of speeding exercise, meets the needs of the A generation of young people on sports appearance.



Nowadays, young users' pursuits are more than limited to passionate driving experience, and the happy car environment is also their concern when daily commute. Type INTEGRA brings a wide range of space through a large area of ​​glass, and the A-column is moved, the wing plate low design, making the inner vision of the vehicle to be further expanded, creating an open-penetrating vehicle visual atmosphere .

The joy of seeing is not as long as it is not tired, and the type INTEGRA center consolidation station uses a concise line layout. The mesh-shaped plate penetrates the interior, such design hides redundant elements, and creates a refreshing and smooth contour and appearance. Visually subtract reductions to create a clean visual effect, let the entered the car every day in a new state. Multi-function liquid crystal meter and smart interconnection screen use parallel layout, effectively reduce the driver's upper and lower moving lines, guarantee driving safety, and use large size storage with cup holders in the car to bring the convenient experience you want. The inner mood of the car, the exquisite metal texture buttons, the fine texture, the comfortable hand pillow, provides users with high quality space experience that can cause sensibility.



High quality travel experience is also the pursuit of life in the current young people, and science and technology cannot be absent. Type Integra is equipped with an innovative card key, placed in pockets, no pressure, easy sensation, automatic connection, experience intelligent and smooth life. The 12 BOSE sound is charged in the car, sitting in the car to enjoy the concerted auditory feast.

Honda Connect3.0 Zhizhong System, Combining "Speech Assistant", "Mobile Phone Remote Control", "Car Play", "OTA Online Upgrade" and other innovative features, with Pioneer Smart Equipment, open the INTEGRA Travel Experience .

Type INTEGRA as a sister model of Dongfeng Honda Civic, better elaborated Honda's understanding of exercise, cool design, very style of sports equipment, the ultimate sports performance, can meet the desire of young fans. Together with the type INTEGRA, let each departure are full of expectations, every startup is hot. Not loaded, forever; not desire, galloping the future.

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