Joint sports to make sports more convenient smart sports systems

In the era of high -speed development, the Internet and technology have long penetrated into every corner of life. People have begun to get rid of traditional tediousness. Relying on more intelligent systems in terms of life and work have become an indispensable part.

Union movement

The combined sports collection "venue", "club", "competition", "training" and "threading", so that people can enjoy the convenient and fast integrated sports smart service on the screen party

Stadium system: Online fast booking storage halls, fields, time

Venue system

Club: Happy to the same sports partner with the same interest

Club system

Liner: Submit fast penetration online, more convenient to extract the racket

Threader system

Training: Quick appointment for high -quality coaches for class hours

Training system

Last year, the State Council issued the "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)" mentioned that encouraging sports enterprises to "use the clouds to use countless wisdom", accelerate digital transformation, vigorously develop sports industries such as sports, outdoor sports, intelligent sports and other sports industries, and unite joint As a professional sports system service provider, sports have currently provided operating management services for more than 500 stadiums, training institutions, and event institutions.

The popularity of the intelligent era and "Internet+", the traditional booking system method is already a general trend. The integration of sports and intelligent systems will also have a more positive and favorable effect on the development of the future sports industry.

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