Sports good partner recommended Shayin OpenRunPro sports headphones

In the blink of an eye, it is the spring season. Looking at the good scenery outside, I believe that many people's hearts are also about to move! Especially those friends who want to lose weight before summer are even more prepared to dress early, prepare to exercise outdoors, and exercise intimate contact with nature, exercise, and exercise. Enhance physical fitness.

Among them, running is the most popular. After all, running is a task that only one person can complete, and running is relatively more friendly exercise than those exercises that need to be performed with appointment. And you don't need to wait for someone to run. When you want to run, you can change your clothes and shoes, and you can run directly with the equipment. In addition, you can also control your own pace when you are running. Even if you want to go quickly, you can come according to your own rhythm. You don't have to worry about keeping your teammates, and you don't have to worry about reaching your original amount of exercise.

If there is any difficulty in the process of exercise, it must be boring when exercising. In response to this situation, only a pair of headphones can solve this problem. As most people see, many people wear a pair of headphones when they are exercising. Among them, sports headphones have become the choice of more people. At the beginning of this year, the world -renowned sports headset brand SHOKZ Shaoyin launched the flagship sports headphones OpenRun Pro. Once it was released, many professional athletes and sports enthusiasts were loved.

First of all, from the perspective of sound quality and hearing, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones are incorporated into the new generation of acoustic technology Shokz Turbopitch ™ low -frequency enhanced technology. The whole body of the whole body is high -density, which brings users a strong and full -band sound of low -frequency output and rich details. It is more suitable for playing sports music with strong rhythm, and achieves a revolutionary breakthrough of the sound quality of bone conduction headphones.

Secondly, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro uses a newly designed voice module and is equipped with a dual -silicon microphone with digital noise reduction function. The front picking voice human sound, rear inhibition of environmental noise and eliminating echo. Human voice -to -voice accurate pickup and environmental background noise suppression, greatly enhance the clarity of calls. In the process of running, you no longer have to worry about someone calling himself, and you don't have to slow down your speed to answer the phone, or even stop.

Finally, in terms of comfort, OpenRun Pro combines the principles of ergonomic engineering, balanced distribution of weight distribution, with high -return elastic titanium alloy and skin -friendly silicone material to make it more comfortable and firm. During exercise, don't worry about the opportunity to fall down.

OpenRun Pro also passed the IP55 level of waterproof and dustproof certification. It is easy to face rain, sweat, and dust in the movement to achieve the possibility of all -weather exercise. OpenRun Pro's battery life is also very good. Under normal circumstances, it can last for 10 hours, which is enough for ordinary people to complete a high -quality and high -intensity exercise. Moreover, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro's charging speed is also very fast. It can be used for 90 minutes for five minutes. You don't have to worry about the headset out of power when you go out!

The above is Xiaobian's experience of Shayin OpenRun Pro sports headphones for nearly a month. It can be said that Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones are a professional performance, outstanding battery life, excellent call performance, stable and comfortable and reliable professional professional, safe and reliable professional professional Sport headset. With the above characteristics, OpenRun Pro has become the iconic product of the sports headphones market in 2022. The "open listening" led by SHOKZ Shaoyin will also become a new direction for the development of sports headphones.

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