How to do billiards stretching?

The stretching method before and after billiards is as follows:

(1) Head stretch.

Both legs are separated and slightly flexed, and their arms are naturally drooping.

After holding your head in your right hand, put your left hand back.

The upper body lean 45 degrees and rotates to the left. The eyes rotate with the head and look at the back, as if looking behind the empty moon. Keep your posture for 5 to 10 seconds, then do it once on the right, and do 6 to 8 times on each side.

(2) Shock your wrist.

His legs, his arms drooping naturally, step by bowing, and leaning forward in the upper body slightly.

Both arms naturally raised the hand -swinging skills of swinging front and rear, and gradually increased the amplitude. The two hands were one and one after the other, and it was done 20 to 30 times in a row.

(3) Side stretch.

Stap your legs, sagging your arms naturally, inhaling, cross your right foot outward, your right hand fork, your left hand, stretch your left hand upwards.

Stir down to the right side, stretch the left arm from the head to the right, pull the left and right abdomen as much as possible. The inhalation action is restored, and the same action is done in the opposite direction.

(4) Take the standing position and stand side by side; do 20 squats with breathing.

Billiards do not need a strong body like football, basketball and other ball sports, but it also requires practitioners to have a certain physical strength, endurance, good attitude, and can withstand stress. Therefore, it should not be too fatigue before exercise. We must ensure sufficient sleep. After exercise, you should also pay attention to relax your body and mind to avoid being too tired.

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