Pay attention to the elderly exercise

Sports must be checked before exercise

In order to prevent accidents, the elderly must receive a strict medical examination before exercise, and then follow the doctor's advice to adapt to their own movements.

Reasonable selection of exercise items

For the elderly, choosing to exercise the project is relatively slow, but it is very fierce, which can make the whole body getting activity.

A moderate amount of exercise load science

It is generally believed that the safe load of the elderly can be mastered by the heart rate. Generally, the highest heart rate can be used by about 60 to 70%, 102 to 120 years old; 55 years old 100 to 116 times; 60 years old 96 to 112 times; 65 years old 93-109 times ; 70 years old 90 to 105 times. Of course, those with good constitutions can increase as appropriate, and those who are weak can be reduced.

Good life rules

When the elderly are engaged in health activities, they maintain their own good laws of life, so as to live in daily life, sufficient sleep, and combine work and rest. They can maintain good physical strength. Do not overwork and rest in time.

Pay attention to self -control

The premise of the elderly movement is fitness, not competition. Maintain a good exercise mentality during exercise. Do not participate in the violent competition activities, let alone do the exercise that you can't do at all. This will not only be good for the body, but also damage the body. Don't be too excited. If the emotions are too excited when the elderly are exercising, the cardiovascular accidents are often prone to cause. Therefore, it is not possible to perform fierce sports competitions, but it should be entertainment and fitness. The heart is calm and calm during exercise. Pay attention to regulating breathing. When the elderly exercise, keep the breathing smooth and natural, and avoid holding your breath, because this is often easy to induce stroke. Choose the location of the exercise. Because the elderly respond slowly, exercise should not be among the crowds of Xixi, but should choose a fresh and flat grass forest between the air. Pay attention to dangerous signals at any time, such as feeling chest pain, chest tightness, dizziness dazzling. When arrhythmia, etc., exercise should be stopped immediately to prevent accidents.

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