Which sports headset is the highest cost -effective?Professional sports headset recommendation

The year of the year lies in spring, and the one -day plan lies in the morning; it is more appropriate to get up early to breathe fresh air, and the mood will become beautiful. At the same time Essence Music naturally plays this important role. A good music is transformed into a beautiful sound, effectively reducing noise to the stable connection of Bluetooth by transforming the headset into our ears by the stable connection of Bluetooth; What about it? Let's take a look together.

1. Nank South Card A2 Bluetooth headset

Now the Bluetooth headset industry generally exists in poor sound quality and unstable connection, and the official publicity of NANK South Card headphones of the New Guo Chao headset brand can buy a thousand yuan -level big -name level, luxurious materials, plus light luxury high high The appearance of the face value has gained the appreciation of technology digital media, headset enthusiasts, and tourist experts in just a few months of launching. It has become a TOP3 leading brand of Bluetooth sports headphones. The noise reduction depth can reach 40dB, and the environment sound type can be recognized in real time, and dynamically match the noise reduction mode. In terms of sound quality, the stable transmission brought by the Bluetooth 5.2 chip, as well as the 13mm dynamic ring unit, with polymer composite film, and the tuning of the Toronto master, the details of the details are more in place. Like the situation, the medium frequency distortion is small, and the songs of various styles can be presented well. The battery life is about 30 hours.

2. JBL Flash X Bluetooth headset

JBL FLASH X cylindrical -shaped headset, silicone earbuds and wing earbuds can reduce the discomfort of wearing long time. The charging box uses an aluminum protective cover to push and slide; The diaphragm driver unit supports the environmental perception mode. It is very suitable for using it outdoors. The microphone picks up the sound of the surrounding characters and enlarge it. Support single -dual ear use, free switching; the built -in battery of the headset supports 10 hours of battery life, and the charging warehouse will carry an additional 40 -hour battery life. In general, it is a cost -effective headset.

3. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150 Bluetooth headset

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150 is in line with ergonomic design, stereo mesh design ear hanging. It is very comfortable to wear. The new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used, and the left and right ear synchronization is more stable, the power consumption is lower, and the IPX7 level is waterproof; with a 13.5mm drive, the three presets of EQ can be switched at will. And complete more personalized operations through the APP. The battery life supports fast charging. The listening experience can be up to 90 minutes in 15 minutes. The daily use is also sufficient.

4. Sony WF-SP900 Bluetooth headset

Sony WF-SP900 is a headset with "black technology", and it is also a real wireless Bluetooth headset used in the water. It has NXP NFMI connection technology. The dustproof level reaches IP6X. It is also an IPX5/8 waterproof level. It can support the water swimming, the highest level of protection of the headset, the built -in 4G storage memory, which is almost applicable to all sports scenes. The appearance uses the arc -shaped shelf design with the adjustable depth of the mixed silicone earplugs. The built -in memory also gives a 6 -hour battery life of a single headset and a total of 21 hours of total playback time, which meets the all -day use needs.

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