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At 16:30 on March 29th,

"Grand Canal with me · Le Enjoy Grand Canal" 2022 The launching ceremony of the third community sports festival in Chengdu was held in Jinjiang Sports Park

The citizen experience carnival of the Grand Canal project on the unique place also kicked off at the scene.

This event is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee Social Governance Committee, the Municipal Sports Bureau, the Jinjiang District Government, and the Municipal Sports Federation, the leaders of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, the relevant leaders of the relevant districts and counties, and the relevant departments at the municipal level, etc. Attending the event.

It has been less than 90 days before the opening of the Chengdu Grand Games. The opening of the third community sports festival has fully launched the awareness of the citizens to establish the "Grand Games with me", creating a warm atmosphere of supporting the Universiade, participating in the Universiade, and sharing the Universiade.


A lot of joy at the event site

Grand Canal project "play"

At the launching ceremony, through the three parts of "National Fitness, Grand Canal", "Grand Canal, everyone participates" and "community movement, enjoy the Universiade", it fully demonstrated the development of community sports in Chengdu in recent years. Fortunately. At the same time, there are exciting links such as community sports scenario dramas, community sports -related results video display, pay tribute to outstanding community and community sports pioneers, release "community sports experts" national selection activities, well -known enterprises in Sichuan and signed cooperation agreements with sports parks. Continuously.

Since it is a sports event for the masses, how can you "send benefits"? Representatives of the National Sports Fitness Model Community at the scene received souvenirs such as the "Rongbao" and other "Rongbao" presented by the event organizer. Last year, Fan Tianrui, a 4 × 400 -meter relaxation gold medalist at the Track and Field of the Shaanxi National Games, also came to the scene to help out and play with the community representatives.

It is worth mentioning that before the launching ceremony officially started, Jinjiang Sports Park was staged in advance

"Grand Canal Project Citizen Experience Carnival"

Essence Make full use of the existing venues and green roads of Jinjiang Sports Park to integrate 18 competitions of the Chengdu Universiade into the event scene. By completing a variety of fun punch -in tasks, the content of the community residents participating on the scene is completed. Further expand the radiation effect of the Chengdu Grand Games. Let more community residents bring family and friends to participate in the experience, and feel the happy sports brought by the Chengdu Grand Games.


Is there a good fire in the community sports festival?

More than 20 million people check in

Taking the grassroots "cells" of the community as the platform and position, the integration and upgrading of national fitness activities and community development governance, Chengdu has been acting.

In 2019, Chengdu first launched the "Three-year Action Plan for Community Sports (2020-2022)" in Chengdu. On December 1, the same year, the first community sports festival in Chengdu and the Meimei Community in Chenghua District, driving the city's community to set off a wave of community sports+.

In April 2021, the Second Community Movement Festival was opened in the most prosperous area of ​​Jinjiang District, Chengdu. It opened in the form of continuously held in the way, leading the brand event of Chengdu to version 2.0. up to now,

The community sports festival activities have covered more than 3,000 communities in the city, with a total of more than 20 million participating activities


This year, the Community Sports Festival has entered the third year in Chengdu. Under the opportunity of the Chengdu Grand Games, it will set off a wider range of community fitness booms to achieve "the Universiade has me and enjoy the Universiade."

Next, the community sports festival will be based on the theme of "Love Chengdu · Welcome Grand Canal" and "Grand Canal", and organize a series of family sports, parent -child sports, fun sports, scientific fitness knowledge promotion and other rich Han "sports+" concepts. Various communities at all levels and various types of communities and carried out the "Grand Games Entering the Community" lecture hall activities simultaneously. Fully demonstrate the positive role of sports and strong citizens, enhance neighborhood exchanges, and cultivate the fitness economy, further build a "accurate service community, accurate service citizens, accurately meet the needs, cover all families, cover all the population, and cover the projects." Three precision and three coverage "good situation.

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