Three elements of aerobic exercise

Homework 1: What is aerobic exercise?

Human movement requires energy. If the energy comes from aerobic metabolism (oxidation reactions) in the cell, it is aerobic exercise; but if the energy comes from anaerobic, it is anaerobic exercise.

When the aerobic metabolism is fully oxidized, 1 gram of glucose can produce 38 ATP (energy units) energy; while in anaerobic, 1 gram of glucose produces only 2 ATPs.

Water and carbon dioxide are generated after glycogen metabolism during glycemic metabolism. It can be easily excreted by breathing and harmless to the human body.

However, an oxygenygamonic acid and lactic acid metabolic products are produced during anaerobic yeasting, which cannot be excluded by breathing. These acidic products accumulate in cells and blood, which become "fatigue toxins", which can make people feel fatigue, sore muscle, and accelerate breathing, heartbeat and arrhythmia.

Therefore, after anaerobic exercise, people will always be exhausted, and muscle pain will last for a few days to disappear.

Homework 2: Is the relaxed exercise aerobic exercise?

Mild exercise is not aerobic exercise, nor does it achieve the purpose of exercise. Only by achieving a certain intensity of aerobic exercise can we exercise cardiopulmonary circulation function and improve the potential ability of people's physical strength, endurance and metabolism is the most valuable exercise.

In other words, aerobic exercise is meaningful when it reaches or approaches its upper limit. The limit of this upper limit is different for everyone.

The three major homework that must be done before aerobic exercise

Skills 3: How to master the scale of aerobic exercise?

Before the exercise, you need a warm -up process to prepare activities before exercise. The joint ligament of the activity, pulling the limbs and the waist and back muscles. Then start with low -intensity exercise and gradually enter the state of movement in appropriate intensity.

In general, the target heart rate is 180 -age value. If you are 60 years old, the target heart rate is 180-60 = 120 (times/min).

When you exercise, you can count the pulse at any time. The heart rate is controlled below 120 times/min. The exercise intensity is suitable. Of course, this refers to a healthy movement.

If the heart rate during exercise is only 70 to 80 times/min, and the heart rate is far from the target, it means that the exercise standard for aerobic exercise has not reached.

Self -feeling that self -feel is an important indicator of exercise and exercise intensity, including mild respiratory rapids, feeling of snacks, slightly hot throughout the body, reddish complexion, and small sweat, which indicates an appropriate amount of exercise;

If there are obvious panic, shortness of breath, hot heart, dizziness, sweat, and exhaustion, it indicates that the exercise is exceeded.

If your exercise always keeps the degree of "not changing the face" and the heart rate is too far away from the "target heart rate", it means that your exercise cannot achieve the purpose of enhancing physical and endurance, and you need to add a bit.

The duration of healthy people should not be less than 20 minutes at each aerobic time, which can grow to 1 to 2 hours, which is mainly based on personal physical conditions. Aerobic exercise can be performed 3 to 5 times a week, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of exercise.

Symptoms of post -occurring are the discomfort after exercise, and it is also a scale that measures the appropriate amount of exercise. After moving, most people may have mild discomfort, tiredness, muscle soreness and other feelings. They will disappear soon after rest. This is normal.

If the symptoms are obvious, it feels exhausted, muscle pain, and it cannot disappear for a day or two, which shows that intermediate metabolism products are piled up too much in cell and blood circulation. This is the consequences of anaerobic exercise, you will have to reduce your exercise next time.

This is the basic principle of all exercise.

Sports intensity should gradually transition from low intensity to medium intensity; duration should gradually grow; the number of exercise is increased from less.

The above must be slowly increasing within the scope of personal adaptation. Don't rush to achieve success. Old and weak people or people with chronic diseases must master the standard of exercise. It is best to go to the doctor before exercise, comprehensively check the physical examination. According to personal circumstances, the doctor will open a specific governor of aerobic exercise, and then exercise according to the prescription.

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