Make exercise more efficiently to recommend Shayin OpenRunPro sports headphones

With the development of short video platforms in the past two years, more and more people have the habit of brushing short videos. Many sports bloggers have begun to settle in short video platforms. Stars such as Liu Genghong have a fire in the short video field of a certain sound. Turn on the live broadcast every night, lead the user training in front of the screen, attracting a large number of fans to follow the campaign, and many people fall in love with Liu Genghong's couple.

Many people are also used to exercising with these sports bloggers. Some people can only choose to exercise alone for time or other reasons. At this time, you will find that when you are exercising, you will feel tired and not easy to persist. In fact, when we look back at the live broadcast room of these short video bloggers, we will find that no matter how many people are trained together, music must be indispensable. Music with a strong sense of rhythm is a stimulant for sports. Therefore, we also need to choose a suitable sports headset to cooperate with and inspire our sports emotions.

Speaking of sports headphones, the world -renowned sports headset brand SHOKZ Shao Yin can be said to have been loved by sports enthusiasts, especially this year's new flagship sports headset OpenRun Pro can achieve 10 hours of long battery life and 10 Tian Chao stands for a long time. After being tested by the editor, he found that the headset consumed 35%of the power after three hours after the volume of the earphones was 40%and the music was played throughout the process, and the overall data was almost consistent with the official data.

Not only that, the OpenRun Pro sports headset also adds the fast charge mode that everyone can't do with the mobile phone. You only need to charge OpenRun Pro for five minutes, and you can play for 90 minutes in a row. After half an hour For an hour, for those who often need to use headphones, it is a great gospel!

In addition, in terms of sound quality, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is equipped with a new generation of SHOKZ TURBOPITCH low -frequency enhanced technology, and added the Corecushion low -frequency enhancement unit to optimize the high -frequency music that is difficult to adjust. Therefore Better, more suitable for playing a strong sense of sports music, so that users can feel a stronger sports atmosphere in the process of exercise, so that the exercise becomes more interesting and effective ~

Therefore, friends who choose which sports headphones are selected, you can really try Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones. From the experience of Xiaobian, all its performance is definitely the strength of the sports headphones! Such an OpenRun Pro specialized for sports can be said to be an artifact that improves the fun and exercise efficiency of exercise. It is recommended to friends who need sports. Phase 12 interest -free, about 3 yuan a day, like to take home quickly.

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