How to correctly exercise to lose weight is better to arrange exercise time.

Why do some people adopt the most scientific and greener exercise weight loss method, but they can't lose weight? In order to achieve the effect of weight loss through exercise, some rules must be observed, such as the frequency of exercise, dietary arrangements after exercise, etc. So how to exercise to lose weight correctly?

7 sports weight loss principles

1. Power training is indispensable

For fat loss, strive to dance aerobic dance for one hour, and the effect of fat loss is not as good as half an hour of weight training. This is because muscle metabolism rate is relatively high.

The Dallas Aerobic Research Association studied that "the basic heat consumption of one -pound muscles per day is 30 to 50 calories, but the heat consumption of fat is only 2 cards." Therefore, if you want to consume more calories yourself, you will The ratio of muscles to fat in the body must be increased.

Entering the gym to do two weight training every week, or develop the habit of lift dumbbells daily, can make the body muscles stronger and promote the self -consumption of fat.

2. Segmental exercise

Studies have shown that it is also a 2 -hour fitness exercise. It is divided into 40 minutes to do 3 times a total of 3 times. The fat consumed is almost divided into 60 minutes to do 7 times a total of 2 times.

Because after each exercise, the maximum metabolic rate may be maintained in the body for at least 12 hours, and the fat accumulated in the body will be quickly consumed at this time. Therefore, exercise as segmented as possible, and the effect of weight loss will be better.

3. Sports for at least 20 minutes

Although it is said to be segmented and short -time, the shortest time is less than 20 minutes. From the perspective of promoting health, it can reach the effect of promoting health for more than 10 minutes. However, from the perspective of fat loss consumption, only 10 minutes of exercise consumption is very small, and the main consumption is glycogen.

The premise of using fat energy is at least 20 minutes of exercise, and maintains more than 55%of the highest arrhythmia (the highest arrhythmia is 220 minus the last age). use.

4. The action should be simple and feasible

When the weight -loss person can make up his mind, you need a good exercise method at this time, and this exercise method is simple and effective. Basically, you don't need to learn it deliberately, such as how to exercise your muscles, how to do action, etc., it is best to be one. Just look at it, and then do it. Because weight loss is physical work, not technical work, the movements must be simple, clear, and easy to execute.

For example, it is recommended to recommend 6 simple exercises: raising legs in place, retracted on the back+knee, and then stepped back to squat+front kick, left and right steps, lying on your back, butterfly twisted your waist.

5. Diversification of sports projects

No matter what kind of weight loss method, it will encounter a platform period at a certain time, and it will not be reduced. This is because after 6 to 8 weeks of exercise, the human body can gradually adapt to the intensity of the movement, and the original exercise load is not obvious to the body's stimulation. Therefore, the strength and time of exercise cannot be unchanged, and the exercise load should be adjusted in time as the exercise capacity is enhanced.

For example, weight loss is mainly based on a longer aerobic movement, and you can choose to jog, dance, swimming, etc. On this basis, it is best to have 2-3 strength training every week to increase muscles and increase the basic metabolic rate, so as to better achieve weight loss effects. In addition, exercise methods such as high -intensity intermittent exercises, running and combining combination also have good results.

6. Develop good eating habits

After persistence and master the above good exercise methods, those who lose weight also need to pay attention to developing good eating habits. This is actually very simple. You only need to control the dinner a little a day. Eat breakfast and lunch normally. Try to control dinner as much as possible.

7, long -term persistence

You don't expect to lose weight to lose weight. You can lose one or two pounds a day. This is impossible. Even if you lose weight, you will not have obvious effects without continuous persistence for a month.

Moreover, people who have started to exercise may find this phenomenon, that is, after starting regular exercise, it is found that the weight will suddenly increase by a few kilograms, which is mainly caused by physical deployment energy. As a result, some people mistakenly thought that the exercise became more and more fat, so that they gave up exercise.

Besides, it is generally believed that the healthy weight loss speed is about 5-10%of the weight every March. If the weight loss speed exceeds 3 pounds per week, it means that the body will be damaged as light or severe, and there will be a decrease in resistance at this time.

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