Caiger Sports | Small sport that women benefit in their lives

Dr. Arnold Kiger is an American obstetric scientist. In 1948, he invented a set of methods to help women train pot bottom muscles. It was originally used to improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence. The exciting "side effects", the Kiger movement is conventional, and the life of the husband and wife is more happy!

过 I believe everyone has heard of the Caiger movement, and maybe I know how to do it, but not many people insist on, and do not realize the effect of this movement.

After giving birth to a child, many people will find that when sneezing, laughing, and even lift heavy objects, there will be a leakage of urine. As the pelvic bottom muscles increase age, they will become relaxed and lack of elasticity. , A tire head with a diameter of ten centimeters, which experienced several hours of squeezing, is difficult to measure through the damage caused by the pelvis bottom. Therefore, when these muscle structures and functions are destroyed, they will cause some trouble to life.

运动1, what are the benefits of Kigel sports?

缩 Promote vaginal contraction, prevent postpartum pelvic floor and vaginal relaxation

肌 Strengthen the bottom muscle group to prevent and treat stress urinary incontinence

性 Increase vaginal elasticity and increase the happiness of husband and wife

、 The effect of lift hips and plastic abdomen and beautify curves

运动2, how to do the Kiger sports?

步️ Caiger exercise steps:

Find the bottom of the pot (when urination, control the muscle of urine -collection -urine -collection).

紧️ Exercise: Tighten 2-3 seconds, relax for 2-3 seconds, tighten, relax to once

Repeat 20-100 times.

呼 ️ Practice: When exhaling, raise your hips with your hands and move up to the ground. Naturally, you will notice that when you lift it, the bottom muscles will be raised up and tightened. If you feel not obvious enough, you can use the elastic band to put a small pillow between your legs or clip a small pillow.

Usually do the Cairi Movement can install an application called G in the mobile phone to practice, and slowly conduct rehabilitation training according to the professional analysis and standard exercise plan above. Generally, the recovery effect of the basin muscle can be felt within 4-6 weeks. Follow your mobile phone at home, and you will be effective when you persist.

You can do it at any time, we practice more, it is related to the happiness of a lifetime ~

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