Sport headset ranking Recommended sports headsets are not ordinary

We all know that the emergence of sports headphones is for people can use better in exercise, reducing problems such as drops and water, so general sports headsets also They all have wireless, waterproof and sweat -proof function. Most of the common styles are hanging in the ear, which is more suitable for people who are running and running for fitness.

So, there are so many sports headphones on the market. Which one is better? Today, I compiled a large ranking of sports headphones to help you have all kinds of grass.

Ranking No.1 Shayin OpenRun Pro sports headset

This OpenRun Pro is a new sports headset launched by Shaoyin in 2022. It not only integrates the advantages of Shaoyin's previous sports headphones, but also breaks and upgrades on this basis. It can be said that it is currently the strongest king in the sports headset market. Essence In terms of sound quality, OpenRun Pro not only uses Shayin's new -developed new generation of acoustic technology Shokz Turbopitch low -frequency enhanced technology, but also combines bone conduction and the latest acoustic technology, and once again increases the sense of open listening. The sound quality of professional sports headphones performed on the ceiling; in addition, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro has also further improved the battery life, adding fast -charging functions, recharging for 5 minutes to use for 90 minutes, plus 10 days of long standby, 10 hours for 10 hours The excellent performance of ultra -long battery life is difficult to be indifferent; waterproof, sweat and rain, let alone, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro can easily deal with it.

Ranking No.2 Sony/Sony Wi-400 wireless Bluetooth headset

This Sony's sports Bluetooth headset is designed with a neck -oriented design, which is lighter and comfortable to wear; in addition, NCF technology achieves a contact link. The length of the decision line is required to achieve a clean effect.

Ranking No.3 Shayin OpenMove Bluetooth Sports Headphones

It is another sports headset from professional sports headphones brand Shokz Shao Yin. It still uses bone conduction technology to create an open listening experience. Compared with the flagship OpenRun Pro, Shayin's OpenMove mainly focuses on the entry -level market. Selected, bone conduction technology, open listening experience, IP55 waterproof sweat and anti -sweat, good sound quality, excellent call ability, comfortable and stable wear, OpenMove has all the functions that professional sports headphones should have, the price of professional sports headphones with thousands of yuan, the price of the professional sports headsets of thousands of yuan Among them, OpenMove is only 598 yuan, which is very close to the people.

Ranking No.4 Beats PowerBeats Pro Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Beats's sports Bluetooth headset uses an ear -hanging design, equipped with adjustable non -slip ear hanging, and earplugs of different sizes to choose from, so that users are more comfortable to wear; The effect of sweat, lasting electricity, will bring a good exercise experience.

The above is several sports headphones compiled by the editor from the aspects of sound quality, functional characteristics, brand awareness, and user reputation. As far as I personally, I think Shaoyin's latest OpenRun Pro in 2022 is still very good ~ I feel Interested friends can start as soon as possible and enjoy the exercise time ~

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