Let more public participate in ice and snow sports enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports

People's Daily Online, Beijing, April 15th (Yang Lei) In the past snow season, the "2022 War Horse Ice Season" created various special activities according to the needs of different people, so that more people can participate in it and enjoy the fun of ice and snow.

In 2020, the FIA ​​official launched the "GISS Fall in Love with Snow" single double -board ski training and certification projects. In 2021, the War Horse and "GISS Love Snow" started strategic cooperation to provide a training course system jointly authorized by the International Snow Federation and the China Snow Association for the people of all sections. On the field, many activities such as skiing teaching and training, elite special training camps, single/double -board events are held, which not only provides senior ski enthusiasts with advanced professional training, but also allows a large number of "little white" experience to contact the "little white" for the first time By the charm of ice and snow sports.

At the same time, the 19th Nanshan Open created a cool stage for the top domestic single -sheet players. The new competition system introduced the "night battle mode", lighting, fireworks and music, so that this oldest domestic history continued to rejuvenate. The National University Student Ice Hockey League helped and witnessed the growing youthful power of the Chinese campus. It also injected the powerful energy of talent reserves into the future of Chinese ice hockey.

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