Sports more pro Shayin's new sports headset to open a new era of sound quality

Speaking of sports headphones, I have to mention a headset brand SHOKZ Shaoyin. The headphones developed by Shaoyin have been leading the world and gained a large number of loyal fans. On the 3.2th of 2022, Shaoyin released a new type of sports headphones when the spring blooming -the new flagship professional sports headset OpenRun Pro. This headset was highly expected before it was not available. Even the Tokyo Olympic Games The marathon champion, the Marathon world record holder Eruid Kipjog also is also very popular. In late March, it will also release the OPENRUN Pro Kipjog Geg joint version.

Why is the OpenRun Pro's sports headset expecting? Now this headset has been officially launched. I believe that many people have gradually known about the functions and highlights of this headset. Today, I will introduce the four highlights of this headset. This is also the place where it is most attractive to users.

The first point: ultra -high sound quality

OpenRun Pro sports headphones have a new breakthrough in terms of sound quality. It brings users with strong low -frequency output and rich details of full -frequency band sounds, which is more suitable for playing sports music with strong rhythm, and achieves a revolutionary breakthrough of the sound quality of bone conduction headphones. The rhythm is very strong when the user wore this headset.

Second point: high comfortable wear

OpenRun Pro uses human engineering as the basis of industrial design. It is wrapped with light and flexible titanium alloy and skin -friendly silicone material. The weight distribution of the earphones and stability is stable. Therefore, there will be no pain when wearing. The listening mode in the ear also allows the user's ear canal to maintain a dry and comfortable state of non -foreign body invasion, and achieves long -term useless wearing, and the comfort is upgraded.

Third point: long -term battery life

When using sports headphones, the most afraid of is not power. There are many people who have no power anxiety. For this, OpenRun Pro further improves the battery life, supports 10 hours of ultra -long battery life, supports 10 days of ultra -long standby plane for 10 days. , Add fast -charging function, recharge for 10 minutes to use for 90 minutes. "You can use it", "Dare to run if you charge". This is one of the highlights of this sports headset.

Fourth point: ultra -clear call quality

Of course, the headset is not only used to listen to songs. Calling is also one of its essential functions. It is inevitable that can't when exercising there will be needs such as call meetings and voice and videos. PRO is equipped with a new dual -silicon microphone, combined with the intelligent identification of voice and noise in combination with the CVC algorithm, to achieve better voice pickup and radio, noise reduction effects, comprehensively improve the quality of voice calls, and fully meet the renewal of voice information, network conferences, and voice calls.

Imagine that during the spring flowers, wearing an OpenRun Pro sports headset, running for the gentle spring breeze and a faint flowers and plants, this is also a kind of enjoyment.

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