Shaoyin OpenRunPro sports ear -headed head to love sports TA

In March, it was always full of romance and surprise. Spring was blooming. You can also put the dormant movement on the agenda. It's about to reach the White Valentine's Day soon, this is a festival to express love and love. Do you want to give your boyfriend or male god? Don't worry, today I recommend a good gift for you. Shao Yin's latest OpenRun Pro flagship sports headset is released. I believe no boy will be disappointed in his hand.

Why do you choose to send headphones? Because the headset is the most frequent digital item except the mobile phone, whether it is listening to songs, games or sports, it is inseparable from the headset. Therefore, the choice of headphones was sent to the heart of a boy, with high practicality and high frequency of use. A good sports headset can envy others and make exercise more secure and interesting.

So why did you choose Shaoyin OpenRun Pro? First of all, Shaoyin is the world's leading sports headphones brand. So far, it has gone through 10 years. A series of bone conductive headsets launched by the market have been affirmed by the market and brought Shaoyin to the leading position of domestic bone conductive headphones. Then, this Shayin OpenRun PRO flagship sports headset is the new headset that was first released this month. It has a stronger function and more online. Since its launch, it has been well received. Finally, let's take a look at what is good for Shaoyin OpenRun Pro.

Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is a bone conductive headset that does not enter the ear. For outdoor sports, it is notolate the environmental sound, and the sports safety factor naturally drops a lot, and it will not compress the ears. feel. OpenRun Pro wrapped in skin -friendly silicone materials. The whole machine is very light. After wearing it, it will not be burdened at all. However, it will make you forget the illusion of wearing headphones. In short, the comfort of wearing is very high. And the design that conforms to the ergonomics can make Shaoyin OpenRun Pro hanging in the ears and cannot be drunk. It will not run and run like other Bluetooth headsets, and the headset slipped. Let you be completely immersed in the movement of music companionship without interference.

From the perspective of sound quality, the sound quality of Shaoyin OpenRun Pro has also greatly improved, especially in the low frequency performance, and the sound quality effect is really good. No wonder everyone said The processing is in place, it sounds full and comfortable.

At the same time, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro has also improved the quality of calls, allowing you to delay your exercise and work, configure digital noise reduction double microphone, use CVC algorithm intelligent recognition, and Bluetooth upgrade to 5.1, allowing you to be able to exercise during exercise. Qi Zixing and customers have a telephone meeting, the sound quality is clear and smooth.

In the end, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro's battery life is also very satisfactory. It can be used for 10 hours in a row, and it is also equipped with a 5 -minute charging mode for 5 minutes. This makes friends who often forget to charge.

I believe that no matter from which aspect of the Shaoyin OpenRun Pro, it is a very good sports headset. It is a very good choice to choose this headset for her boyfriend or male god.

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