Which Bluetooth sports headset is good and cost -effective super high sports headphones

It is believed that for many people, listening to music has become an indispensable part of life: listening to get off work when commuting; listening to exercise and fitness; listening when you are in a happy mood; you can also listen to when you worry about anxiety. In order to help everyone choose the sports headphones that are suitable for myself, I specially compiled some useful sports headphones for everyone.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

The bone conductive headset is transmitted to the inner ear of the skull vibration, that is, the sound waves do not pass the external ears and the middle ear, so this type of headset is particularly suitable in the sports scene. When listening to the song Essence

In terms of wearing, the unique hippocampus shape of the South Card Runner Pro3 also broke the uniform appearance of the traditional bone -passing headphones. The memory titanium is made of titanium. IPX8 -level professional waterproof to meet all your sports scenes.

The configuration of South Card Runner PRO3 can be said to be full. It supports NFC fast pairing and one -drag function, which can realize the rapid connection and switching of multiple devices. Bluetooth 5.2 chips optimize the battery life of the transmission power up to 10 hours.

2. Philips A8606 Bone Chuan Headphones

Philips has recently launched a real wireless bone conduction sports headset A8606. As a headset suitable for outdoor sports, it has very intimately added the night line lamp function. In the dark environment, the flashing lights can be noticed by driving passers -by, so as to ensure the night at night Sports safety. The inner part of the ear hook of the headset is a titanium alloy bracket, which can reduce the high frequency loss in the bone conduction process, and the stability is very good.

3. Jabra Elite 4 ACTIVE True Wireless Sports Headphones

Jabra Elite 4 Active is a real wireless light sports headset. It uses a new earless design. The headset is only blueberry size. It is matched with light comfort and no pressure. Through the 60,000+human ear model test, the headset is stable, and the strenuous exercise is not easy to fall. IP57 -level sweat -proof and dust -proof, outdoor sports are more at ease, don't worry about dust invasion, sweat and rain will not cause damage to the headset. 45 personalized noise reduction formulas to meet the exercise needs of your various scenes, no matter where you exercise, you can bring you a comfortable noise reduction experience.

4. Beats Fit Pro Sport headset

Beats Fit Pro this earphones uses in -ear design, supports space audio and active noise reduction. It supports iOS better and can be worn instead of AirPods Pro as exercise. Equipped with the Apple H1 chip, it can be perfectly integrated into the Apple ecology and can be flexibly switched between multiple apple devices. Support space audio and dynamic head tracking technology, support adaptive active noise reduction (ANC) technology, and can switch transparency mode. Beats App also brings iOS native experiences such as headset fit test.

5. Walkman W280NB neck hanging sports headset

Walkman W280NB neck -mounted Bluetooth sports headset is a neck -mounted sports headset. The most important thing is that the W280NB neck -mounted Bluetooth sports headset also supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof. Through precise injection technology, it can effectively prevent sweat from entering the headset from the structural gap. Only in this way can I sweat. Even the sudden rain during the night running was not worried about the problem of scrap of the headset into the water. The battery life supports 13 hours, which is slightly longer than the bone transmission.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone conduction sports headset

South Card This Runner CC2 is aviation -grade, skin -friendly food -grade silicone, which is comfortable to wear. After many bending fuselage, there will be no deformation. Subverting traditional headphones, bone conduction technology, passing the sound into the auditory nerves through the skull and jaw, and long -term wearing will not affect hearing.

The sound quality is great, because the built -in innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with ceramic antenna and signal enhancement, receiving is more stable, even in the crowd, it will not be disturbed. The problem of leakage, as always, blessed NANK leakage elimination technology to effectively reduce the problem of leakage. Having waterproof performance, magnetic charging design, effectively avoids the penetration of rainwater, bringing good waterproof design. If you want to feel the headset black technology, you are suitable for starting this, which is cheap.

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