Enjoy the fun of sports, improve the sports performance Shaoyin OpenRunPro blessing for the athlete

I believe many people have more or less experience. Therefore, wearing headphones running outdoors is more likely to increase unexpected risks because you can't hear environmental sounds such as whistle. Outdoor sports are a very fierce sports. Traditional headphones, whether wired or wireless, are difficult to adapt to the intense sports state. Slightly the movement is easy to fall, which affects the running experience very much.

No need to enter the ear, you can hear music and not isolate the bone headphones to solve the safety of outdoor sports.

As a pioneer of professional sports headset categories, Shaoyin uses scientific and technological innovation to define sports headphones. With many years of technical accumulation in the field of acoustics, in -depth insights on the sports market and crowd, it has successively launched more than ten products The concept of category makes more sports enthusiasts pay attention to sports safety, enjoy the fun of sports, and enhance sports performance.

The OpenRun Pro released this time uses Shayin's newly developed acoustic technology Shokzturbopitch ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, which has greatly improved sound quality, bringing better listening experience to sports users. The dual silicon microphone that is adjusted to the golden position greatly enhances the clarity of voice calls.

In order to improve the comfort of wearing, OpenRun Pro combined with the principles of ergonomic engineering, it has better distributed weight distribution, paired with high -return elastic titanium alloy and skin -friendly silicone material, and then upgraded by wearing comfort. At the same time, OPENRUN Pro uses a double -layer mesh structure design to block the water attack, and the double -nano hydrophobic plating is across the penetration of water droplets to help users calmly cope with almost all exercise intensity and sports scenes.

OpenRun Pro further enhances the battery life, 10 hours of battery life, and supports 10 -day long standby. The fast -charging function can be used for 5 minutes. It can be used for 90 minutes. Even if long -distance off -road running events can be used to quickly complete the electricity back when the CP point breaks, accompanies the user to fight the entire event. This product is also equipped with an exclusive APP, and users can perform convenient operations.

Zhang Haofeng, the director of Shao Yin Technology Products, said: "OpenRun Pro incorporated Shayin's accumulation in acoustic technology in the past decades, and at the same time added a lot of innovation in Shayin in other acoustic technology fields, so that the sound performance and call performance of the headset reached one New heights. We hope to allow more users to enjoy the ultimate sports and music fun through this product.

The listing price of OpenRun Pro is 1298 yuan, which has four colors: Knight Black/denim blue/grapefruit powder/desert yellow. On March 2, the first color was black. OpenRun Pro Kipjog's name is expected to be available in late March 2022, and consumers can buy on the official authorization channel of Shaoyin.

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