Which brand of professional sports headphones is good, sports headphones brand rankings

I believe that for many friends who like sports, they are used to listening to songs while sports, and the headset can also be said to have become a equipped equipment, especially the appearance of Bluetooth headsets. Music is also loved by more and more sports enthusiasts. However, for sportsmen, there are certain requirements for the comfort, firmness, waterproofness, and safety of the headset. So what kind of Bluetooth headset is more suitable for exercise? Now I recommend several headphones that are most suitable for sports types in the market.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

South Card Runner PRO3 is a bone -conducting headset. Because bone -passing headphones do not need to plug the ear, open -type listening songs, so do not block the ear canal during exercise, and sweating will not cause humidity or itching in the ear. At the same time, it is safer than the earlier of the ear because the ears cannot hear the environment.

There are dozens of sports headphones I have used myself. The southern card bone conduction is the best sports headset I have used. It is also a must -have product that is currently a must -have.

作为一款旗舰骨传导耳机这款Runner Pro3在蓝牙方面采用了最新的蓝牙5.2以及还内置了16g内存,AI智能通话降噪,通话音质清晰饱满加上,IPX8出色的防水防尘特性,带着It is the first choice for sports enthusiasts to go out to exercise, which is worth having.

2. Sony WF-1000XM4 real wireless Bluetooth headset

Compared with the previous generation, the WF-1000XM4 has improved a lot. It uses a soft curve design to increase the contact area. It is not easy to drop. The headset body supports the waterproof level of IPX4, although the waterproof is not high. However, the endurance performance is good, and it also supports fast charging and wireless charging. Sony's official battery life data can be maintained for 8 hours. It can be used for 24 hours with this charging warehouse. Do not worry about battery life.

3. JBL T280TWS Bluetooth headset

JBL T280TWS supports IPX5 waterproof sweat and sweat, can meet the needs of exercise, without fear of sweat and rain, allowing users to exercise freely. After exercise, they can also rinse the headset directly. Support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, realize stable and efficient transmission, and provide high -decoding HIFI sound quality and non -stop calling experience. The 6mm dynamic ring -driven unit has a strong low -frequency extension and excellent resolution, bringing a strong and natural music experience.

4. Philips TAN6605 Bone Chuan Headphones

This bone conduction uses a rear -hanging ear -worn method. The internal internal use is titanium alloy skeleton, which is light and strong, and is stable enough to ensure the comfortable experience used during exercise. Supporting IPX5 waterproof, sweat and rain encountered in outdoor sports will not affect the headset. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2 version, it has a faster connection speed, lower power consumption, and more stable connection, and the experience of using naturally has further improved.

5. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

As the leader of domestic headphones, South Card. This South Card Runner CC 2 uses aviation -grade materials. The body is very light and combined with skin -friendly food -grade silicone. It is very comfortable and does not pain for a long time. South Card Runner CC2 | Using bone conduction technology to subvert the inherent concepts of headphones and create a comfortable and healthy sports experience. Adopting magnetic design, supporting magnetic charging and IPX6 waterproof, high waterproof capacity, also supports high -definition calls noise reduction, high -definition noise reduction technology, which can make you clear in noisy environment, full of details.

6. Youou Peace true wireless bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset

Yiou PEACE is a real wireless bone conduction Bluetooth headset. The T -shaped structure is very novel and unique. It does not need to enter the ear. When wearing it, push the earphones along the outline of the ear, because you do n’t need to enter the ears. If you do n’t block your ears, you can hear the outside voice at any time, which is very important outdoors. For 6 hours of battery life, the charging is also fast. It can be used for more than 14 hours with charging bars. It can be said that it is very powerful.

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