Which brand of Bluetooth sports headset is the best and sports headset brand ranking

For people who love sports, there is a good headset to play rhythmic music during exercise to make the movement more ritual and more motivated. Otherwise, it will definitely feel that the exercise is boring and it won't last long. At the same time, I believe that many people who like sports have some confusion. What headphones are more suitable for exercise? Here are some of the headphones that are very suitable for sports. Everyone depends on the needs.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

The South Card Bone Chuan Headphones is more popular in the sports group. Especially, the complicated environment of outdoor and road running is not suitable for the environment of the ear.

South Card Runner PRO3 spent a lot of effort in the design of the fuselage, making this bone conductive headset wear more suitable for the ear shapes of our people. Comfortable! On the surface of the waterproof surface, like his design, it is like a hippocampus can swim under the water and supports 20 meters deep waterproof.

As the core component of the product, the headset chip plays a key role in the product experience. Runner Pro3 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.2 chip to comprehensively optimize the basic product experience. It also adds NFC fast pairing and one -drag function to make the operation more portable.

2. BOSE big shark sports headphones

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The brand of BOSE has always been biased towards sports. Whether you choose a gift for fanaticism or a gift for novice fitness, BOSE sports earplugs are ideal fitness partners. The BOSE earplugs have IPX4 -level sweat -proof splash and splashing function, with three STAYHEAR MAX earbuds of the three sizes, and a five -hour battery life, which can provide users with a steady stream of motivation during the movement.

3. Shaoyin AS660 bone conduction sports headset

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Shaoyin AS660 bone -pass headset is an entry -level product of professional sports headphones. The Shayin AS660 blessed the two major technologies of Leakslayer and overall, effectively suppressing the leakage of the sound, and better protecting the privacy and security of users. The overall design of the headset is in line with ergonomic design, with a very high degree of fit. High -strength titanium alloy is hung back. With the test, friends can toss in the process of exercise. Do not worry about the damage caused by the ears due to bending.

4. Sony WF-SP800N sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

This headset uses pea -shaped in -ear design with different sizes of earbuds to choose from. In addition, silicone supports ear wings, and the stability is very good when wearing it. Loose drop.

In addition, the indispensable function of sports headphones-waterproof and dustproof, Sony WF-SP800N sports Bluetooth headset has an IP55 level waterproof and dustproof. There is no problem with sweating for sports or rain. rinse.

5. Amazfit jumps me PowerBuds Pro

Recommended reason:

The appearance of this product uses the shell of the scrub material. It is not easy to contaminate the fingerprints. It feels very good. It feels very skinny and comfortable. The earplugs are made of high -transparent silica glue -made earplugs. It is very tight when worn, and the comfort and stability are controlled well. The most special point of Amazfit jumped me PowerBuds Pro sports headphones is that it has heart rate monitoring function. It can monitor your heart rate at any time during exercise. It is automatically experienced. It is really convenient to make exercise safer.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

The first reaction of the bone conduction headphones may be "expensive" and "unre practical". This Runner CC2 bone conduction headset launched by South Card has achieved no ear water and dust and dust. Extremely. In terms of waterproofing, the magnetic design is adopted from the interface. The magnetic suction power is very large. The charging interface has been made of IPX6 waterproof dust and dustproof design. High -strength titanium alloy is hung after 6 hours. Runner CC2 has a good experience.

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