Pirented sports technical psychology

You may think a doctorate degree. Doctorate in psychology working with athletes will not be interested in technology or hard data. Shouldn't we consider things like thought and emotion? Well, yes, psychology is very concerned about psychology. At the same time, you may not realize that the data generated by modern endurance technology has a profound impact on the views and feelings of athletes on training and competition. I should know that, in addition to me being a sports psychologist, I am also a firm iron man three athletes. At present, USAT ranks 22nd in the three races of the Iron Man in my age, ranking in Aquabike 10th place. From the perspective of professional and personal, I know how the power of data from good training watches provides motivation to endurance athletes psychologically and physical.

When you are pursuing sports goals, technology can help you to maximize three psychological "muscles": motivation, focus and confidence.

1. Dynamics: Dynamics is the foundation of all your sports life, because without motivation, you will not invest in the necessary efforts, energy, and time to achieve your goals. It is very likely that if you are reading this article, then you are an aggressive athlete in general. However, there is a big difference between incentives and incentives in your movements and keeping incentives at all times. For example, you may have motivation, but it is still difficult to get up to participate in the master -level swimming competition at 5:30 in the morning or repeat exercise on the track after work. Moreover, when you use VO2 MAX for 10 x and 2 minutes on your indoor trainer, continuing to promote it may be a real challenge.

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