What is radish long exercise?

Radish length and high movement is a AI private educational sports tool app for 7-12 years old children.


Introduction to radish long campaign

According to the characteristics of the child's growth and development and exercise ability, the radish length and high motion, personalized customized AI private education sparring schemes, controlling weight, promoting height growth;

The training content is rich and diverse. AI private teaching content covers the basic ability of the eight major sports in children, allowing children to develop sports habits;

AI private education is accompanied by the whole process without parent supervision, just like a real -person private education, please go home, the real baby sports will save the mother artifact!

Radish long and high sports gathers domestic first -line Internet practical experts, and jointly developed with the core executives of top institutions such as Beijing Sports University, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, Beijing Union Medical University, and Good Future;

AI technology empower sports training to help the next generation grow up healthy through scientific sports.


What problems do radish long exercise solves

What are the problems of parents

1. Parents do not have time to accompany their children to exercise, and hope to find someone to supervise their children's exercise;

2. The child does not like sports, wants the baby to exercise autonomously, and wants the baby to develop a sports habit;

3. I want to control the weight and promote the height through exercise;


Radish length and high sports function advantage

1. Professional scientific training system

Decout for children's growth and development, medical (Xiehe Medical University)+Sports (Beijing Sports University)+Education (10,000 Festival+Youth Children's Private Coach) Cross -domain experts jointly created!

2. Customize the annual training plan

Push professional scientific sports solutions according to children's exercise ability, exercise can be enforced strong, and children can persist!

3. Sports training with dolls

AI private education one -on -one baby science "discharge", AI private teachings please go home, without parental supervision, with baby sports, mothers!

4. Evaluate exercise effect

After each exercise is completed, the AI ​​private education generates a children's sports report based on the completion rate of exercise and the quality of action. The exercise data is clear at a glance!

Consume the child's excess energy. After each exercise, sweaty, the child's mental state is good, the diet is good, and the sleep is fast!

40 minutes of medium strength training every day, controlling weight, promoting height growth, and enhancing eight major sports capabilities!

5. Stage evaluation

Height evaluation can pay attention to children's growth and development regularly!

BMI evaluation can regularly pay attention to children's weight and health indicators!

Physical evaluation can regularly evaluate eight sports capabilities for children!


Radish length and high sports mission

Make each child grow up healthily through exercise


Radish length and high sports vision

Let 1 million children move


Introduction to radish long sports team

Liu Yang CEO

Founder of radish long and high movement

Founding partner

Shanxing Capital Risk Partner

China Europe Business School EMBA

In 2006, he returned to China to join the Ganji.com vice president. There are thousands of business management experience and large -scale corporate strategic planning, operation and other trading experience

Starting the second entrepreneurship in 2018 to obtain the industry's largest early financing

Dr. Jiang Jingxiong

The chief health content officer of radish long and high motion

China Union Medical University Pediatric Majors

30 years in children's health care work

Mainly attacked children's nutrition, growth and development

Book Author "Long Tall is no longer a dream" book author

"Child Development Outline (2011-2020)" expert group members

The main writer of "Technical Specifications for Children's Obesity Intervention"

Professor Huang Peng

Council of the chief movement of radish long and high motion

Doctor of Sports Medicine, Beijing Sports University

Have a bachelor's degree in medicine

Ten years of clinical work experience

The main research directions are sports injuries and rehabilitation, exercise nutrition, mass fitness, chronic disease rehabilitation, etc. Participate in the National Gymnastics Team, Art Gymnastics Team Olympic Research Project Service Planning Project.

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