Tree planting movement in the Central Soviet Area

From the establishment of the temporary central government of the Chinese Soviet Republic in November 1931, to the main force of the Central Red Army in October 1934, the Central Soviet Area carried out the tree planting campaign for three consecutive years, and determined the Qingming Festival on April 5th each year as the "Tree Planting Festival". Essence

Mao Zedong called for "ten trees per person in the countryside"

Although the war of "encirclement" in the Central Soviet Area has continued and the Soviet regime has been built, the temporary central government of the new Chinese Soviet Republic of China still attaches great importance to the tree planting work. On March 16, 1932, the tenth time of the People's Committee of the Interim Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic often passed the resolution and decided to "implement a universal tree planting movement" and published it on the "Red China" published on the same day. On November 7, 1932, the temporary central government of the Chinese Soviet Republic stipulated in the first anniversary of the establishment of the establishment of the work report to all voters' work reports that "the tree planting campaign is held every spring." On February 13, 1933, the Ministry of Land People's Committee issued the second training order on the Spring Festival Plan plan, "Trees should be planted next to the river dyke dam. From January 24th to 25th, 1934, Mao Zedong, chairman of the interim central government, made a work report at the Second National Soviet Congress. When talking about economic construction, he pointed out: "Tree planting campaigns should be initiated, and ten trees in rural areas should be called."

The main purpose of the Central Soviet Area to carry out tree planting movements is: wide planting trees to protect the river dam, prevent water disasters and drought, and plant trees can also protect the roads and benefit environmental hygiene; solve daily need for fuels (such as firewood charcoal); increase fruit production, increase fruit, increase increase The economic income of the masses; the development of empty mountain wasteland.

The Soviet government has adopted a series of powerful measures to solidly promote the tree planting movement. First, governments at all levels are widely propagated to the masses, explaining the benefits of trees, and mobilizing the masses to plant all kinds of trees. The second is to plant all kinds of trees on both sides of the river and on both sides of the road. In the deserted mountains that are suitable for planting trees, trees are planted as long as possible, and trees must be planted in the space in the square. The third is that the township governments inspect a mountain in a certain place for planting trees to announce the choice of seeds. The fourth is to protect the development of forests and trees. In spring and summer, it is forbidden to harvest randomly to avoid hurting trees. Fifth, to encourage the masses by labor competitions, pay attention to cultivating trees seeds, and perform tree planting movements every spring. It can be seen that the young Communist Party of China has a simple green environmental protection awareness in the test and exploration of the governance of governance in the Central Soviet Area.

Do not go to the "grave", but go to plant trees

The Central Soviet Area combines the tree planting movement with the feudal superstition, and strives to achieve the customs and customs.

April 5, 1932 was the Qingming Festival, and the first tree planting festival in the Central Soviet Area. Do not go to the tomb, but go to plant trees. " Many people in the rural areas of the Qingming Festival must sacrifice their ancestors, grave grave, and burning fragrant candles. The Central Soviet Area launched a tree planting movement in the Qingming Festival to advocate a new style of civilization. The Communist Youth League organizations at all levels make publicity and explanations in the masses in advance, and set the area of ​​planting trees. On the day of the planting tree, each person has a tree, and it is arranged neatly according to the row, just like farmers inserting seedlings. Moreover, when the youth of the members of the league propaganda the tree planting movement and opposed the feudal superstition, they were patient to persuade the workers and peasants to persuade the people, instead of forcing them to prohibit them from sweeping their ancestors, which greatly respected the customs of local people.

Under the call of the party and the government, more and more people are involved in the tree planting movement. Many young women and children have gone out of their houses, planting trees and forestry with older men, participating in spring farming production, and struggling to increase harvest. Some people have created "Planting Tree Songs", published in "Youth Trouts": "(1) Qingming weather, it's really good, everyone will come to plant trees! Develop the production of mountains and forests, improve the life of workers and peasants! Do you know? It can prevent water and drought disasters, consolidate the river embankment and avoid summer, and there are many wood and fruits. (3) Hardwood chopped to pour the vessels, and then made a gun shell and artillery. "

The tree planting movement is so windy

With the efforts of the Central Soviet Area, planting trees has become a frequent mass movement and achieved obvious results.

The first is the orderly tree planting organization. The townships of the Soviet Union have set up tree planting committees, consisting of representatives of the Township Soviet Union and mass activists. Some villages also organize branches. The committee is responsible for the propaganda plan and arrangement of tree planting. All rural workers in the Soviet area are planted for more than five trees and pay attention to the cultivation. The achievement of the tree planting movement is outstanding. According to the "Red China" report, as of May 1934, the Ruijin tree planting 603,700 trees, 389,800 trees in Xingguo, and 213,800 Fujian plant trees in the mountains were planted for 1699 catties.

The second is that scientific tree planting is becoming increasingly popular. "Red Chinese" and "Youth Trouts" and other Central Soviet District Party News published articles such as "The Method of Tree Planting" and "The benefits of Tree Planting". The seedlings and other seedlings were introduced in detail to promote the popularization of scientific knowledge. All places have carried out hill -shovel and tree -planting sports weeks. They are all cut clean for the mixed tree branches around the mountains and Zhushan with high economic value to facilitate the growth of bamboo and wood. During the shovel, the mountains are strictly prohibited. The Land People's Committee Department has severely criticized the phenomenon of general burning mountains in Huichang Gao's district during the spring plowing inspection.

The third is to protect the trees deeply. At the Second Soviet Conference, the Military Commission's direct team suggested in the proposal: "Plant more trees, protect the forest, and prohibit any delaying trees." To this end, the People's Council has specially formulated and promulgated the protection of mountains and forests to protect the protection of mountains and forests. The regulations stipulate and punish the trees at will. For example, pay for the owner of the tree according to the tree price; the main person in charge of the cutting trees shall be forced to work for more than a month; if a serious situation occurs due to cutting the trees, it will be imprisoned for more than three years; Governments at all levels are randomly approved by random cutting trees and punished them in accordance with the previous paragraph. Fourth, ecological benefits are initially emerged. In September 1934, when the reporter of the Red China interviewed the person in charge of the Land People's Committee, he found that the Soviet Area and the White District formed a distinctive control of two worlds. In the Kuomintang region, "this year is a universal disaster, 'sixty years of floods, coupled with the droughts that have not been drought for 100 years', this year's autumn harvest is completely desperate. Tens of thousands of victims have moved to hunger. "In the disabled environment". In the Soviet Area, due to the planting of the tree planting trees, the construction of water conservancy, the loss of water and soil, and the improvement of the ecological environment, the Central Soviet Area not only defeated the rare drought and insect pests this year, but the agricultural harvest increased by about 10 % over the previous year.

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