What are the recommended Bluetooth headsets that are suitable for high -intensity exercise?

It is reasonable to be portable after removing the Bluetooth headset, which is more suitable for sports scenes, but most manufacturers only say that it can be used for exercise during the product purchase page, but the experience of wearing is really bad. Individuals are a one. Headphones enthusiasts, also sports enthusiasts. In addition to playing basketball and running, they often do push -ups and cycling at home. Occasionally, they will go outdoors. Everyone.

The first, South Card Runner Pro3 Bone conduction sports headset

The bone conductive headset is transmitted to the inner ear of the skull vibration, that is, the sound waves do not pass the external ears and the middle ear, so this type of headset is particularly suitable in the sports scene. When listening to the song Essence

The material of the memory of the entire fuselage, the material of the titanium titanium, can be restored to the original even if it bends 180 °. The sports group does not have to worry about the drop of drop. Fear of sweat wet.

South Card Runner PRO 3 has added a number of innovative functions, allowing bone conduction headphones to better integrate into many scenes in life. Built -in 16GB of memory, you can play music even if you do not connect to your mobile phone; at the same time, it supports the waterproof of level 8 to swim. Even in the underwater scene that does not support Bluetooth, it can be used with the MP3 function. The blessing of outdoor scene Bluetooth 5.2 can also be more stable.

Paragraph 2, OPPO Enco Free2 Bluetooth headset

Official price: 599

The headset body can be seen by the naked eye of the naked eye than the previous generation wireless headphones. Not only the headset handle has shortened, but the "head" of the body is also shorter and more powerful. In addition, a large number of curved surfaces and curves are also added to the headset body. The purpose is to make the headset body more fit the outline of the ear, and the soft silicone jacket is matched with the passive noise reduction effect and comfort of the headset. The weight of the headset body has also dropped to 5G. The benefit brought by the "weight loss" is to reduce the falling feeling of the headset when wearing, and improve the stability of wearing when moving.

Third paragraph, bose big shark sports headset

Official price: 2299

The unique shark fin earmuffs have always been the logo of BOSE. This time, the advanced version of the shark fin earmuffs are used on the Bose Great Shark. The advanced version of the shark fin is very stable. It can be used as a sports headset. It is more comfortable to wear than the previous generation. The configuration of this headset has Bluetooth 5.1, and the connection stability is also very OK. Smart connection is an advantage and disadvantage. After the opening of the cabin, the Bluetooth is not turned on after the opening. The connection is not intelligent enough.

Fourth paragraph, Shaoyin AS800 sports headset

Official price: 1298

The biggest difference of Shayin AS800 is on the cavity of the headset. It can be seen that its shell is an oval shape. There is no speaker on the surface of the headset. The smallest of bone transmission. The experience brought by this design is that the fuselage can be greatly reduced to 26g. The overall weight is still quite light, and its elasticity is moderate. When running in daily life, the headset will not shake up and down. Stability is still good. But the excessive contact surface makes it more comfortable than other bone conduction headphones.

Fifth paragraph, Nank South Card Runner CC2

Official price: 299

NANK South Card Bone conducting an entry -level product, although it is mainly cost -effective, the magnetic charging and OT leakage sound technology only uses flagship models in the configuration. This headset uses a large -sized bone conduction unit. With its own tuning tuning, the three -frequency balance gives people a feeling of penetrating space, there is a feeling of being in it. Essence The ultra -light wearing experience, the entire body is only 28G, which is much easier than the traditional Bluetooth headset and the series of products launched earlier. When running, it was very solid and could not be thrown away.

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