Motor headsets and sports headphones for outdoor sports are recommended for running

For people who love sports, there is a good headset to play rhythmic music during exercise to make the movement more ritual and more motivated. Otherwise, it will definitely feel that the exercise is boring and it won't last long. At the same time, I believe that many people who like sports have some confusion. What headphones are more suitable for exercise? Here are some of the headphones that are very suitable for sports. Everyone depends on the needs.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason: open -style wearing method, sports wearing safe and guaranteed, supporting IPX8 waterproof, built -in 16G

The advantage of bone conduction is that when enjoying music, both ears are open. This can be more sensitive to perceive the surrounding situation when outdoors.

It uses a light titanium alloy material skeleton, and is wrapped in a layer of high -tech low -sensitivity silicon glue material, which makes the inner layer of the headset strong, the surface of the surface is comfortable and comfortable, and it is long for a long time to avoid redness and allergies. The body design uses ergonomic design, which can also be perfectly taken into account for groups wearing glasses.

In terms of configuration, South Card Runner Pro3 also has a built -in 16G body memory, supports IPX8 waterproof, and is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.2. As the core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has a good improvement in various functional experiences of the product, delayed delay Lower, stronger anti -interference capacity, can reduce 87%of Bluetooth drops.

2. JBL X600TWS true wireless sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason: have IPX7 waterproof waterproof

The two headphones of the JBL X600TWS also adopt a thread -like design. This unique design is really rare. Of course, this thread -shaped design is the most important thing to better fit the support auricle. It will not be easily dropped during exercise. Wing -free lightweight lightweight design is still very comfortable to wear. As a sports Bluetooth headset, JBL X600TWS also has IPX7 waterproof. This level of waterproof It is not a problem, and even soak in the water in the water.

3. Jabra Elite Active 75T Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason: provided IP57 protection level

Elite Active 75T provides an IP57 protection grade that can be soaked in 1 meter water for 30 minutes, and it can prevent dust greater than 1mm from invading. This also means that there is no need to be afraid of rain, sweat and even shower, you can use it with confidence. Support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, more and more stable connections. You can also connect to two Bluetooth equipment at the same time, and work entertainment.

In terms of battery life, the earphones can last for 5.5 hours, and the blessing charging charging warehouse is up to 24 hours.

4. Philips A6606 Bone Bone Drive Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason: Support IP67 -level depth of dustproof and waterproof, have an intimate luminous light mode

Thanks to the materials and design, the weight of the Philips A6606 is only 35 grams. With skin -friendly materials, there is no obvious pressure hanging on the ears. As a bone -conducting headset, Philips A6606 does not need to enter the ear canal, and it does do well in terms of induction. Philips A6606 supports IP67 deep dustproof waterproof certification, which can easily cope with sweat and rain to meet the multi -faceted needs of athletes.

5. Beats Fit Pro Sport headset

Recommended reason: Support space audio technology and dynamic head tracking technology

As Apple's "pro -son", Fit Pro uses Apple's most powerful H1 chip in the headset category, which function supports spatial audio technology and dynamic head tracking technology. The FIT Pro of the Ear Wing can firmly fix itself on the ears, greatly improving the stability during exercise.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason: the cheap ceiling in the bone conduction headset, suitable for closing eyes to start

South Card launched a very affordable South CC2 bone -pass headset. The fuselage uses the fine line design similar to South Card Runner. It uses titanium alloy+silicone design. The overall can be bent at will not be afraid of bad.

The sound quality is also very good, the low frequency is deep enough, the mid -frequency is very stable, the high frequency expressiveness is particularly transparent, and the sense of space sense of the music rhythm is well controlled. It is also optimized for bone conduction. The problem, the sound quality is clear and transparent. It also has the performance of IPX6 waterproof and dustproof, and there is no need to worry about using it when it rains or sweat. In general, the South Card Runner CC2 can be regarded as a high cost -effective work created by South Card with a wealth of experience accumulated in the field of bone -brick headphones.

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