Sports is not simple, try the happy series of mineral water!

Exercise becomes a lot of lovers, and the water after exercise becomes more important. Therefore, Le En will launch sports series mineral water to meet the demand for hydrocarbon of sports enthusiasts, and strive to build a health movement, scientific supplementation.

Lephen sports series mineral water,

From the deep rock mineral water in the Wuhang Mountain Ecological Reserve,

Rich with a variety of minerals,

The health nourishment from nature,

I want to eat water for your health!

Drink Le En mineral water, let the exercise healthier!

Le Enhydro is rich in gaseous silicic acid, lithium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., and a variety of mineral elements needed to have a variety of mineral elements, beneficial human health; also contains weak alkali and a variety of trace elements. It is a good drink for health hydration.

Drinking Lenui mineral water during exercise, can reduce the body's demand for fat, so that the body is light, so that you have more activities, then better control weight! Therefore, drinking Lesan mineral water for hydrating, which can be supplemented by moisture and minerals, and can also enhance the body fluid cycle. Choose Le En mineral water, health exercise, scientific water!

Le En is focused on the demand for many sports enthusiasts, focusing on sports series mineral water, there are two models: 338ml * 24 and 520ml * 24

Lephen sports series mineral water,

It is rich in silicic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.

Water quality is in the industry to none,

And strictly produce excellent quality in accordance with national standards,

Beautiful taste and healthier!

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