Sports earphones which brand is good, cost-effective sports headphones

What kind of sports headphones can make people refresh? In particular, sports headphones on the market are dazzling. How to stand out from many sports headphones and have become a daunting task. A good sports earphone needs sound quality, waterproof, stability, etc., just good to understand the sports headphones, recommend some headphones worth buying.

1. South Car Runner Pro2 bone conduction sports headphones

South Card Runner Pro2 uses eclipsence, conveys the sound directly to the auditory nerve, and the impact on ear listening is small. Solve the disadvantages of traditional headphones blocked and difficult to clean up from the root cause. And outdoor scenes such as running, cycling, and swimming (Southern Card Runner Pro2 bring 8-level waterproof), can fit the head to avoid falling, even if the user wears glasses is not affected. It is important to wear the headset to hear the outside sound and avoid dangerous occurrence. On performance parameter hardware, Runner Pro2 uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with ceramic antenna and signal booster, more than 10m effective connection distance, signal stabilizing interference, even if it is commuting, it can maintain a stable connection in a crowded subway does not appear Carton. The delay as low as 0.065s, even if the game use can ensure that the wind blows around the surrounding wind. There is a 16mm aircraft circle to ensure that it is not poor, with a microseisman structure and South card full shock pointing technology, Runner Pro2 has a flattening state of the bone pass quality, which brings high school low frequency equilibrium performance.

2.Earsopen Endagull BT-5 bone conduction sports headphones

BT-5 bone passage Bluetooth headset uses a collar and headphones two-in-one structural design. The design of the bone pass clamp ear is unique, and the tightness can be freely adjusted, and the ears are liberated, solve the problem of hearing damage and ear pain due to ordinary headphones, and I feel very comfortable for a long time. In addition, there are two kinds of accessories, incoming ear or ear mounted to meet the needs of different people.

In terms of internal configuration, Earsopen BT-5 uses 10 mm dynamic vibrators to guide the sound to the auditory nerve through the bones. Headphones have built-in 300 mAma batteries that achieve continuous battery life, suitable for long-term movements. Headphones Built-in ISSC IS2020 Bluetooth SOC, built-in lithium battery charging function. The audio signal is amplified by Ti TPA2012D2 to drive the bone conduction unit. The entire machine has a strong Japanese style.

3. Expedition AS800 bone conduction sports headphones

The main reason for the Professional Sports Headphones of the Expo 800 is safe. The non-income ear design of the bone conductor is allowed to listen to music while traveling and exercise, without blocking the sound of the surrounding environment. You don't have to worry about the situation around you when you run, so you are safer. Second, the AS800 uses an innovative Qualcomm QCC3024 Bluetooth 5.0 chip to enhance the stability of the mobile phone. The AS800 also uses a 2.0 + new technology of the priest, which has been changed from the angle of vibration. The speaker is more suitable for temporal, providing a balanced low, medium, high frequency, and more delicate analysis of vocals. Magnetic induction strength has also increased much.

4. South Car Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones

The NANK CC 2 has a built-in 1500 mAh, 100 minutes full of electricity, and it can be used for 6 hours, the standby state is up to 10 days. In terms of endurance experience, it has 6 hours of battery life, and the waterproof IPX6 is very good. This is a big upgrade compared to the previous product. Like most of the bone conducted sports earphones on the market, this type of headset uses ergonomic design, plus specially designed unique three-point ear support structure, and adjusts the shape according to the shape of the head shape, easy to wear. In addition, the suspension of the fuselage uses high-strength titanium alloy material. After rubbing, the hauspine on the back of the ear will still be restored, and it will not be deformed. The net weight of the headset is 28g. Lightweight body can reduce the burden of your ears, making you feel comfortable from the outside, and weahe you can't cause damage.

5. 音 AS660 bone conduction sports headphones

The priest AS660 is a medium-end outdoor sports bone conductor headset, 598 yuan. When riding outdoors, wearing a noise reduction headset is very dangerous and can't hear the outside world. The bone guide earphones can hear the external sound, this AS660 is very comfortable, only 29 grams wear, even if we worn, it will not feel uncomfortable, the most important thing is that it is very strong, even if it is very big, It is not easy to fall.

The sound quality adjustment is very good. The priest AS660 is equipped with excellent premium pitch 2.0 technology, the sound quality is very good. Bluetooth 5.0, the connection is very stable, no noise and disconnect.

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