Bluetooth sports headphones which is good, sports wireless headset recommended

The morning run is a very good way of exercise, you can exercise the whole body, but a person runs a bit boring in the morning, I always want to listen to music, radio drama. But I can't exercise with headphones, I will support it for a while, it is very inconvenient. At this time, I chose a strong sports earphone. Many people don't know how to choose. Today, I will put everyone a few headphones suitable for sports. I hope I can help everyone.

1. South Car Runner Pro2 bone conduction sports headphones

The South Car Runner Pro2 uses hanging ear sports headphones, and the hanging ear has further improved the comfort of wearing, especially suitable for exercise wearing. One seamless fuselage has no hole, and then cooperate with orientation acoustic conduction. It can effectively prevent the horn from being expanded, even in the call, do not have to worry about being listened to the call content, guarantee privacy. It is benefited from one-in-one seamless body design, making the South Card Runner Pro2 have IPX8 professional waterproof capabilities beyond most of the sports headphones. 8 hours of endurance can effectively support various scenes, although there is no more mainstream Type-C in charging, but it adopts a more novel magnetic charging, magnetic suction has the function of Type-C, such as The interface is not easy to be sweat corrosion, and the waterproof performance is stronger.

2. OPPO ENCO W51 sports headphones

The OPPO ENCO W51 is equipped with a new upgrade dual-core digital noise reduction chip, supports dual active noise reduction function, with advanced feedforward and feedback hybrid microphone for smart noise optimization, noise reduction depth up to 35dB, after opening, it is like a quiet space. OPPO ENCO W51 is equipped with Sanma call noise reduction technology, with the tailored wind-resistant noise tube, even if it is a noisy environment, the other party can't hear his voice, very intimate. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is still able to provide a stable and smooth connection effect when facing multi-device interference, and the full-link transmission is low to 94ms, and the low-delay mode can be used.

3. Expedition AS800 bone conduction sports headphones

The Shape AS800 shape fully considers ergonomics, especially the ear of the ears on both sides, is very convenient to wear, just put it on the back of the ear, because the weight of the headphones is only 26g, so wear it almost Without any compression, comfort is very good. With a new generation of Qualcomm Bluetooth chips, coupled with double silicon microphone and IP67 dustproof waterproof, can be considered a leader in sports headphones. The Expo AS800 uses premiumpitch 2.0 + technology to optimize the sound quality, and can have more low frequency and details. When listening to songs, I feel that the flow of the sound is natural, as if I sing in my ear, the clarity is not in the ear headset.

4. South Car Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones

NANK South Card CC 2 The body has a large battery of 1500mAh, 100 minutes full of electricity, can be used for 6 hours, up to 10 days in standby. Mounted the magnetic charging interface with the flagship festival, instead of the traditional Type-C interface, such design brings better closed, dust-proof and waterproof.

In the material, the Runner CC2 uses aviation grade materials, which greatly reduces the weight of the body weight combined with skin-free food grade silica gel, reaching the IPX6 waterproof and dustproof level.

5.1more HD Decorate Circle Iron Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This 1MORE HD Decorate Circle Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO version headphone proactive noise reduction intensity adjustable, there are two ways to perform. One is the ANC key on the headset directly, and the other is to operate through the mobile phone APP. There are two ways to adjust the noise reduction and strong practicality. The active noise reduction effect is obvious, and most of the external noise can be suppressed. The wind-solving mode of the headphones is more suitable for use in the scene of running, cycling, blow air conditioning.

Headphones use low distortion iron unit + 13.6mm aircraft hardware design, which is the core foundation of the sound quality of the earphone. With the professional tuning, make the headphones all frequently equal, the bass energy is full, the drum point is obvious, the trendy is transparent, and the comprehensive performance is good.

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