Suitable Bluetooth headset, inventory, sports enthusiasts are using sports headphones

As people are more and more keen on sports, people's fitness awareness is strengthened, and the demand for sports equipment is coming. Among them, the maximum of them is a Bluetooth headset. I am listening to the song in sports. However, if you search for sports headphones, you will have a variety of sporty sports headphones. What style is best for exercise, as a senior sports enthusiast, I think it is necessary to help you count, one Let's take a look.

First, South Car Runner Pro3 bone conduction sports headphones

NANK South Card Bone Transmission Headset, because you don't want to make a way of endorsement, you may have fewer you can see it outside, but the sports circle is very hot, the South Cascade Passage Headset has obtained countless brand strength Praise, I have recommended it. I have used sports headphones, and there are dozens of accumulated, this runner pro3 is my current use of the best sports headphones, and is also a product that is now necessary.

In terms of the configuration, South Car Runner Pro3 has built-in 16G body memory, supports IPX8 waterproof, and Bluetooth 5.2, as a core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has a good improvement in the functional experience of the product, delay Lower, more anti-interference ability, can reduce the 87% Bluetooth drop-off condition.

Second, OPPO ENCO X Bluetooth headset

OPPO is not a professional sports headset, but he is very suitable for the pursuit of the sound quality experience, the sports intensity is not a big group of people can choose, and it can be used as a sports headset while listening to the daytime. On the basis of innovative human engineering design, this headset uses silicone double hardness ear cap, wearing more stable, has an IP54 outstanding dust-proof and waterproof effect, even if it is windy rainy day, it is not affected, it is really satisfying you. I want to listen to how to listen!

The third, Bose big shark sports headphones

BOSE This brand has always been biased towards sports, no matter what you are fanatics, or choose a gift for fitness novices, Bose sports earplugs are ideal fitness partners. The BOSE sports earplugs have IPX4 level anti-sweat-proof splash function, with three sizes of StayHear Max earplugs, as well as five-hour battery life, can provide a source of source for the user during exercise.

The fourth, the priest AS800 sports headphones

The prime veteropex as800 is also a bone conductor headset. When wearing it, it will not block your ears. For clear perception, let the entire exercise process is more secure. Human engineering's ear-hanging design, while providing us a perfect wearable wear experience, it will not sway during high-intensity exercise, so that more stable stickers are higher, let us experience Every moment in motion.

Article 5, Nank South Card Runner CC2 Bone Passage Headset

This CC2 is the second generation of the South Card, the flagship standard is created. It adopts aviation grade materials, and the aviation grade material is a self-printed silicone, ensuring the overall wearing comfort. The price is only entry-level price, and the price is very high.

On the sound cavity, the South Car Runner CC2 is equipped with a large-sized bone conductor. This bone conductor is the tuning of Toronto Music Masters, allowing sound quality to be on the staple floor, and there is a technology that removes leakage, effectively reduces bone The sense of vibration of the conduction sound. Supports magnetic charging and IPX6 waterproof, if someone calls on the way, this headset also supports HD call noise reduction, even in outdoor sports, don't worry.

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