RFIT sports underwear evaluation

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I bought a RFIT sports underwear before, I feel that the whole is very good, so I decided to buy several other fewirs left in their home, and then share it in detail. It feels that this should be a good domestic sports brand, and the price of sports underwear is relatively reasonable. All the styles are supported, I feel better than a lot of separations, and the acceptance should be higher. It is important that the comfort is better than ordinary underwear to rise a grade. Plus different fabrics, each has its own unique characteristics. I think it is reasonable, I think the comfort with the color can have a fight with other sports brands, and even experience the feelings will be better.

The value of the value, I also feel that it is also a high in domestic goods, and I have a comfortable and comfortable. Simple belt color logo, atmosphere. RFIT points Java, Swift, Compiler, Go and Alpha, but I missed SWIFT. If you have long's style, you will be more special.

Java has three versions, trip pants, flat-shaped pants and 5-inch long pants, but I have not bought it with long section.

Java flat angle

This model has several colors, I chose black and white color, pure black fabric plus white logo, I feel very nice. The short price of the division is the same, I chose short, long panties for a length of about 5 cm long. It is environmentally friendly regenerative fiber fabric, soft skin, feeling more soft than some modal, but feels the texture of Mo deale. . The most featible is that its crotch stereoscopes design, greatly avoid contact with your thigh, put more breathable, comfortable, comfortable. Be

The waistband stretch is also suitable, and it is very big with the trademark logo. This is also very suitable for usually wearing, and the space is more space. If you want to sit for a long time, you can buy a try. I chose the second code, the overall comparison, five code can be selected.

Java triangle

This is the triangular version of the fabric, the fabric is the same, and there is also a solid color print color color. I am less wearing itself because many styles feel that there will be a little bit, and there is a lot of improvement after the supporting internal file, and friends who like a triplet can try.


This fabric is 77% DuPont Nylon + 14% elastic fiber + 9% antibacterial fiber, is a quick-drying fabric. The trouser leg is 5 inch long, the fabric is not large, and the opening is more breathable. This only has four yards, I chose to be suitable, the whole is slightly loose, the M code is also more appropriate, but the loose is also more comfortable, it is not so fit.


This details have triangles, but only 3 inch with 5 inch pants can be seen in the store. This fabric is Mordale, feeling like 80, but softness is very good, this is more comfortable, and the unique interface is better. I chose long, I feel that the thigh has become comfortable. I can try this kind of friend who usually sit up. Mo deale is also suitable for usually wearing. This kind of says it is recommended to buy long, exercise or usually wear very well.


This is a long mesh fabric, which is relatively large, but it is not alert, and it is also very comfortable. The LOGO of the belt is silica gel, the whole panties are better, more comfortable than the general compressed underwear, suitable for more professional sports, friends who like running can take this. This is also the most expensive, but I think it is much more comfortable than UA. Be


I have not bought this, the fabric should be almost the same, but the price is much cheaper than alpha2.0, I don't want to buy alpha 2.0 can choose this.

The overall RFIT is relatively perfect, I think that every one is worth buying. Even if you usually do not exercise, you can buy it, and each of the archive is suitable for usually wearing. If I want me to choose one, I will choose the Compiler series, and it is recommended to choose a long section. If you like a variety of prints, you can choose the Java series, you can try it like a tripper. The only thing worth I vomiting is too much in the panties, but this problem is not big.

If you feel that the price is expensive, you can try Alibaba, but I haven't bought it yet, how is the specific quality is not very clear, a friend who needs needs to see.

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