Ice and snow sports into the campus

In order to actively promote the popularity and improvement of ice and snow, Lincheng County, Hebei Province continues to advance the "Ice Snow Sports into Campus" activities. By establishing an ice and snow sportswall hall in the country, the Ice Snow Games will be established, and the Ice Snow Association, cultivate the Ice and Snow Project Talent Team, let students Feel the charm of ice and snow movement closely, stimulate teenagers to participate in the enthusiasm of ice and snow. (Yan Lijing, Wang Yong Zhou, Song Jichang)

Recently, Shijiazhuang City Vocational Education Center School has carried out the "Ice Snow Sports into Campus" ice and snow sports promotion activities in schools, which inspires adolescents to participate in the enthusiasm of the ice and snow. (Zheng Jing, Wang Wei)

The seventeenth elementary primary school in Langfang City, Hebei Province actively responded to the call of "300 million people on the ice and snow", vigorously promoted the ice and snow movement into the land curling, roller skating, dry land, through the colorful community activities, extracurricular sports operations and other forms, extensive Extracurricular ice and snow movement. (Guo Jingquan, Zheng Chenzi)

Hebei Province Hui Autonomous County continues to advance "Ice Sports into Campus" activities, introduce ice and snow sports projects such as ice hockey and ice gear into the campus, set up an ice and snow sports association, regularly guided by professional coaches, let students feel the charm of ice and snow, stimulate teenagers The enthusiasm of ice and snow, enriching the style of campus while strengthening the body. (Liu Liang Li Jiahui)

Hebei Zunhua City actively carried out ice and snow movement such as the campus roller, and the city has 30 schools in the city to determine the relevant departments as the Winter Olympic Demonstration School and Ice Sports Characteristic School. (Liu Mancang)

Hebei Province Suning County Science Setting Ice and Snowport Extension Project, carrying out a variety of ice and snow activities, let the ice and snow move "fire" all over the campus. (Yongle Yang Liang)

Tu Tao County Experimental Primary School establishes the ice and snow movement mechanism, creating a campus ice and snow moving atmosphere, promotes the knowledge of ice and snow, and sets the curling courses and curling society, regularly organizes the ice campaign league, roller skating, and teachers. , Promote the popularity of ice and snow. (Guo Jiangpeng Wang Huamei)

In the city of Hebei Province, the Ice Snow Movement introduced the school after school, opened a roller slip, skating, land curling, land ice hockey and other related courses, enhancing the quality of service after class, let the children feel the charm of ice and snow sports. (Zhang Jing Duhai Ying)

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