Play sports and enjoy sports

On the occasion of the International Children, in order to enable children to enjoy the fun of sports, improve their overall quality.The Kindergarten of Changxing County Liangxi Street Baoqiao Center Kindergarten hosted a colorful sports activities in 2021, in the event of fun, competition, entertainment, let the children enjoy the happiness of sports in the campus.

The children have chosen a variety of sports projects in the event, first of all, rolling tire projects, the children have the tires, roll the tire from the starting point to the end.Then it is taking the ball, the children will take the ball game, and they are the most.Secondly, the favorite jump project, the children built the tapered bucket and the plastic rod into a rod, and the children will travel.Finally, jump, jumping, long rope, pattern skipping rope, children use rope to enjoy sports.

In this event, children play sports and enjoy sports with the theme of "sports".Not only do not exercise the children's physical fitness, but also enrich the children's garden life, feel the happiness of kindergarten life.(Review: Zhang Huanhuan)

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