How to lose blood sugar

Doctors say that diabetes has a "five driving carriage", mainly refers to drug treatment, blood glucose monitoring, food control, moderation and health education, among which "sports" is critical to condition control. Sports can help patients improve insulin resistance, increase the sensitivity of muscle to insulin, thereby accelerating glucose utilization, which is advantageous for blood sugar control; can improve cardiovascular function and protein metabolism, which is conducive to preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes complications; It can improve muscle strength and physical flexibility, relieve stress, and promote physical and mental health.

How can diabetics scientifically conduct sports, and can start from the following aspects.

Time Select Sports Best time is about 1 hour after meal, because the body blood sugar will rise to peaks, exercise can quickly digest blood sugar and achieve the most ideal hypoglycemic effect. Sports time recommendation controls from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The type of motion is not too big and a long-lasting aerobic exercise, such as fast, jogging, swimming, dancing, playing Tai Chi. However, it is not recommended to choose a severe anoboxicity, and there is no effect on blood sugar.

The most important thing to prepare patients in patients is to prevent hypoglycemia and exercise damage, so do a warm-up preparation before exercise, and need to wear protective gears. Preferably, the blood glucose, blood sugar value is <3.9 mmol / L or> 16.7 mmol / L of patients before exercise, temporarily should not move. At the same time, don't forget to carry sugar and water, and add in time when the amount of exercise is large.

The amount of exercise intensity is a slight sweating after exercise, and the breathing is slightly inherited, and the fluster, the limbs are slightly fatigue. After a short break, it can quickly recover. If there is no body slightly exhausted or sweating after exercise, the heart rate has always remained unchanged, it indicates that the patient's exercise is too small, there is not much help for controlling blood sugar; if the body heart rate is still not recovered if the body heart rate is still not recovered if the body heart rate is not resumed The value before the exercise, and the appetite is weak and the body is serious and exhausted, and the palpitation, etc., it means that the amount of exercise is too large, and it is necessary to reduce the amount of exercise. Don't confirm the diagnosis, you can't wait to exercise. After a few days, I can't move, I must find the amount of exercise suitable for myself, step by step, and persevere. (Wu Shuxin)

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