Healthy sports home epidemic prevention

Health movement, home epidemic prevention.Shizuishan City, the second elementary school sports discipline group mainly, combined with two exercises to carry out physical quality exercise, formulate a guide to sport on the 21st elementary school online online sports online, helping the students effectively and health.

The School Sports Discipline Group has held a video conference for a number of ways to discuss how to conduct online guidance, let the children live in exercise, to achieve high quality test after the completion of the class, and the first time to form the online teaching plan of the Sports Discipline Group andExercise time schedule every day, use Ningjiayao cloud app to operate, video push, online counseling, etc.

Life is wonderful because of health, only has health, can be worried to study, life.Adhere to physical exercise, promote physical and mental health, keep optimism, enhance your own immunity, make home life and interesting.(Correspondent Yang Xiaoju)

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