Neuraecence inactivity therapy: sports is the best stator

Motion can change the tension of the nervous system, and the role of strengthening the centrality of the central is due to the excessive brain activity caused by certain long-term presence, resulting in an increase in brain activity. The patient should ensure a sufficient rest. On the other hand, it is necessary to exercise, because during exercise, the impulse of the neural susceptor from the muscles and joints is transmitted to the central nervous system, which helps to adjust the activity of the nervous system.

Participate in the following exercise can alleviate neurasthenia symptoms: Tai Chi, Qigong, massage, fitness, jogging, playing table tennis, etc.

Walking, jogging patients can walk long distances (2 ~ 3 km) to alleviate the symptoms of vascular activity, such as headache, two temples, and the like. In addition, it is also beneficial to carry out jogging according to physical conditions. The speed of running can be slowed or run alternate.

Strong power is also very suitable for neurons, generally used sitting, and weake of physical strength can also use horizontal. Physical strength can practice station piles. At the time of practice, it emphasizes the reconstitution, 2 to 3 times a day, about 30 minutes each time, insomnia patients can also use relaxation inducement. Strong power specific practice law is as follows:


(1) Natural legs sit: two calves cross, foot palm, on the hip pad, two thighs are placed on the two calves. The head neck is positive, and the hips are slightly behind. The neck muscle is as best as possible, the head is touched, the eyes are closed, the two upper limbs are naturally sagged, and the two hands four fingers each other, can also put one hand on the other hand, put on the thigh in front of the belly.

(2) Single leg disc situ: sit on the legs, the right calf is on the top of the left calf. The right foot back is on the left thigh, and the heart is up. Or the left leg is placed on the top of the right calf, the left foot back is on the right thigh, and the heart is up.

(3) Legs sit: The right calf is placed on the left calf, and then put the left calf.

On the right calf, the two calves cross, two feet, put on both sides of the thigh.

(4) Station: Two feet open and shoulder width, knee micro, including the top, straight, the head is tight, the two eyes are closed, the shoulder is relaxed, the arm is slightly curved, the thumb and four fingers Separate, such as a pinch, place the arms up, and both hands are placed in the chest. It is best to choose the fresh air and quiet place to calm.

(5) Freestyle: No fixed posture, completely exercised according to its own conditions.

2. Respiration

Strong power breathing requires breathing with nose, the tongue is lightly resistant, but the nose is not ventilated or a non-ventilated person, but also tightly tightly helped breathing. There are three breathing methods:

(1) Water breathing: Natural breathing method, does not require practitioners to change the original respiratory form, let it natural. This breathing is suitable for the young people with weak tuberculosis.

(2) Deep breathing method: refers to the abdominal projection when the intraverigen is suction, and the abdomen is compressed to the abdomen. The breathing gradually reaches deep, static, and uniformity during exercises. It is not advisable to do after a meal. This breath is suitable for people who are weak, constipation, and spiritual unconventional.

(3) Reverse breath: When the chest is expanded, the abdomen is concave, and the chest is retracted in the chest when exhaling. The formation of counter breathing is shallow to deep and gradually exercise. It will reach steadily, uniform, calm, deep. It is not advisable to do after a meal.

3. Efficacy

Strong combination is suitable for cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary tuberculosis, neurasthenia, plant neurological disorder, regenerative disorder anemia, diabetes, functional uterine bleeding, closed pass, pregnancy poisoning.

Other methods can practice eight paragraphs, Tai Chi, broadcast gymnastics, medical gymnastics, etc., can also practice small sports activities; poor mood, patient with spiritual wilting, suitable for pong, basketball, skipping, kick Key, etc., you can also do lightweight in an outdoors to improve emotions; patients with better physical strength, organizational climbing, boating, swimming, etc., can also do proper physical labor outdoors.

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